Sagittarius Horoscope For September 22 - Sagittarius Daily Prediction

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Sagittarius is associated with social people. They are witty and have a no-nonsense vibe to them, but are likeable. They are likely to be globetrotters.

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Sagittarians can easily associate with people filling the room with laughter and cheer. They are witty and have a no-nonsense vibe to them. They, however, cannot keep their tongues in check. Sagittarians are usually globetrotters seeking out adventures and thrilling experiences.

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Sagittarius - What to expect today

Today's horoscope for Sagittarians read that someone you earlier thought to be stubborn might loosen up and think about things differently than before. Things you might have said or done are starting to make an impression on them. Try and revel in this good news as long as it lasts. But hide your excitement from them as they might think their change is triggered by your interference. 


While conversation does not seem to be flowing smoothly today between you and your partner, you might nonetheless spend some romantic time. Your relationship need not be serious all the time. If you are single and looking for love, you need to get your head out of the cloud. You might be missing out on the love that is already there right next to you.

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You seem to conjure up big ideas often but carrying them out becomes difficult for you. The problem may not be with others, but with you. Look closely and analyse what you may be doing wrong. The solutions to your problems lie within yourself. 


You seem to be working too hard lately and it is taking a toll on your health. Take some time off and get into a fitness regime. Try looking for something you have not tried before. You can start with meditation and then move on to Yoga or Pilates. Today seems to be a good day to pick up a lasting habit.

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There seems to be a surprise visit in the cards for you, Sagittarians. Some extended family member might pay you a visit today. The conversation will flow and you might have a gala time. Try and enjoy the moment as it comes.

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