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SENSATIONAL: Co-organiser Of Congress-backed London EVM 'Hackathon' Strongly Disassociates Itself From 'hacker' Syed Shuja's Claims, Calls Them Uncorroborated

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  • The Foreign Press Association, co-organizer of the EVM Hackathon, has now released a statement over the shocking claims made by hacker Syed Shuja
  • In its statement, the co-organizer of the event has made it clear that it strongly disassociates itself from all his claims
  • The London-based organization also stated that Syed Shuja has not yet provided solid evidence on his claims

The Foreign Press Association, co-organizer of the EVM Hackathon wherein the cyber expert identified as Syed Shuja made shocking claims that the 2014 general election was "rigged", has released a statement clearing that it "strongly disassociates" itself from all the claims made by Shuja during the event organized by the Indian Journalists' Association (Europe) on Monday. 

Furthermore, taking it to Twitter on Tuesday, the Foreign Press Association also stated that none of the accusations made by the "masked speaker" have been confirmed by him so far. 

"The Foreign Press Association strongly disassociates itself with any claims made by the speaker Syed Shuja during the #IJA event in London yesterday. Not one of the masked speaker’s accusations have so far been corroborated," the tweet reads.

According to a report published on the website of Congress-owned newspaper National Herald, Foreign Press Association was the co-organizer of the event organized by Indian Journalists Association (Europe) in London wherein a ‘US-based cyber expert’ has promised to demonstrate "how elections can be sabotaged through cyber attacks".

It also states that "Only invited guests will be attending the presentation in London", which coincides with the fact that senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal was present at the event.

Here is screengrab of the news report:


Italian journalist Deborah Bonetti, who was one of the moderator at the EVM hackathon along with Ashish Ray, the president of Indian Journalist Association’s (IJA) London unit, questioning the cyber expert also reiterated the statement by the Foreign Press Association, saying that "he was not credible and should not have been given a platform".

"The speaker at yesterday’s event #IJA did not follow up his claims with any proof. He was not credible and should not have been given a platform," her tweet reads.

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Earlier, the co-organizer of the event had posted a tweet saying that Syed Shuja made very strong but "substantiated allegations" about the EVM tampering, something which he claimed is "happening even now". 

Addressing the press conference organized by the Indian Journalists' Association in London via Skype, Syed Suja, made some bizarre and shocking claims, all of which he could not confirm or provide proves for. Notably, Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal was in attendance at the EVM hackathon.

Retaliating to his allegations, the Election Commission asserted that it firmly stands by "empirical facts about foolproof nature" of its machines and said it is examining as to what legal action "can and should" be taken in the matter.

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