SENSATIONAL | 'Delhi Police An Accomplice In The Crime,' Says Anissia's Father Major General Batra

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Flight attendant Anissia Batra’s father Major General Batra has levelled stunning charges against the Delhi police alleging he believes the “police is an accomplice with the perpetrators of the crime”

Written By Shatabdi Chowdhury | Mumbai | Updated On:

Flight attendant Anissia Batra’s father Major General Batra has levelled stunning charges against the Delhi police alleging he believes the “police is an accomplice with the perpetrators of the crime”. While speaking to Republic TV's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Anissia's father said:

“I shudder with fear, knowing that if the police is an accomplice with the perpetrators of this crime, then it is a very scary scenario. where the protector of law and justice is against the common man.”

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Anissia’s brother, Karan Batra too seconded his father on this and said that there are too many loopholes in the case, which is questionable.

“I think there are too many loopholes, and lapse after lapse. If there is one lapse, it's understandable. You cannot keep repeating these lapses and then say we are sorry because from the day that this happened or even before this happened, there has been no action by the police. And there were step after steps where we requested them to please help us, but unfortunately nothing has happened. And, even till date, the things that we have been asking, what happened, how did it happen, these answers have not been given to us,” said Karan Batra.


Major General Batra also alleged that the Delhi police is stalling the case as Anissia Batra’s in-laws are “influential people”.

“They are just stalling it. Infact, the system has been so badly, either influenced by them, because these people are extremely influential. They have, according to me, the ACP has been totally supporting them. Because, when you see this guy's body language. when he come for a press conference, he was shuffling. He was questioned as to why the accused was not arrested for 72 hours, and he said no no no, we are following the due process of law,” said Anissia’s father.

“The parents of the accused who are also accused in the FIR were not questioned. And they were given one reprieve after another. Till they were allowed to approach the court, the lower court rejected their anticipatory bail. They again got 3 days reprieve, they ran away from their house. The police couldn't trace them. In this present day world, you think it's difficult to trace a person? you can trace them through the phone,” he added.

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Major General Batra also alleged that the police, on one hand, stopped them (Maj Gen Batra and his wife) to enter Anissia-Mayank’s house, while on the other hand let Mayank and his family to do the same. Anissia Batra’s father also alleged that after reaching the crime scene, Mayank and his family tampered with the evidence.

“The police said no you can't go there because the premises have been sealed. And to my horror I came to know the next day that the premises were open, duplicate keys were with my son-in-law and his family, and they had gone there, tampered with the evidence, did whatever they felt like and they did this the next morning also,” alleged Major General Batra.

Anissia’s father also alleged that the police didn’t see the crime scene till the time they objected to it, which is three days after the incident.

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Major General Batra also alleged that the Delhi police delayed recording the statements of the eye-witnesses in the case and that the statements were recorded seven days after the incident.

“They did not go and take the statements of the eye witnesses, supposedly the people who were there, the cook because if it had been taken on that day those would have been the genuine statements without they being tutored. These were taken precisely seven days after the incident, they were taken actually on the 6th day, 19th. By that time these people have been tutored very nicely,” said Major General Batra.

Major General Batra also said that he went to the police on June 27 along with Anissia and told them that if “some harm comes to my daughter, hold this man responsible, but they still didn’t do anything.”

Major General Batra, while speaking exclusively to Republic TV also said, “Mayank killed her”.

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