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Sensational | Naming Jagdish Tytler, 1984 Convict Says 'big Fish Need To Be Caught'

Written By Tanvi Sood | Mumbai | Published:

In a Republic Bharat Super Exclusive which is creating a storm politically, 1984 convict Ved Prakash has admitted that the “big fish” like Congressmen Jagdish Tytler have been getting away for the last 34 years. 

When Prakash was out on parole, Republic Bharat stung him. 

“The big fish need to be caught. The poor have been caught. It's been 34 years. As you said, a case is on against Jagdish Tytler. He will also be jailed,” Prakash said. 

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On being questioned by Republic’s Senior Correspondent Anuj who conducted the sting, Prakash went on to say, “It's absolutely right. Everything is right before you. we poor have been punished. They got everything.”  

While Tytler has repeatedly been roaming about at rallies of Rahul Gandhi and got himself a front-seat at Congress Delhi Chief Sheila Dikshit swearing-in ceremony, the fresh evidence put out by Republic Bharat is bound to build the pressure for the Congress to answer. 

Given the fact that Tytler is still very much an active and celebrated Congressmen, for the Rahul Gandhi party administrator not to take a position becomes doubly hard. 

The sensational series of revelations in the 1984 investigation conducted by Republic Bharat only raises more and more questions not only on the deep Congress connection to the alleged incitement on-ground in the massacre that killed more than 3,000 Sikhs in Delhi but also raises serious concerns about how the “big fish” got away for 34 years.

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In the Delhi High Court judgement convicting Sajjan Kumar, Justice Muralidhar had also raised questions on the “political patronage” aspect of the 1984 riots. “A majority of perpetrators of these horrific mass crimes enjoyed political patronage and were aided by an indifferent law enforcement agency,” Justice Muralidhar said.  

While, at the time of publishing, Prakash is back serving his sentence in jail, the accounts of then Sub-inspector Dalel Singh, 1984 convict Ramesh and Ved Prakash, eyewitnesses Mukhtiyar Singh and Aatma Singh all come together to put a bounty of fresh evidence into the public domain.

WATCH: Republic TV Confronts 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots Accused Jagdish Tytler At Sheila Dikshit's Swearing-in Ceremony