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SENSATIONAL Note Recovered From I-T Raids In Madhya Pradesh And Delhi Accessed: Were Congress-run State Scheme Funds Diverted For Election Campaign Purposes?

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Republic TV has accessed a sensational diary note related to I-T raids that have been conducted over the last few days
  • The diary notings raise questions over whether funds meant for state government schemes in Madhya Pradesh were diverted towards election campaigns

Republic TV has accessed a sensational diary note that was recovered during the Income Tax department's raids that were conducted across the country over the last few days, especially in Madhya Pradesh and Delhi, from which massive cash and other seizures were made.

Documents accessed by Republic TV comprise dairy notings that were allegedly recovered from a Congress functionary and also mentioned in the I-T statement issued on Monday night along with details of Rs 281 crore in unaccounted cash. The notings, shockingly, carry values of funds in lakhs, against various state government departments and schemes including- PWD, excise, mining, transport, Po Aahar, energy, etc, on one side, and on another note, 'expenses', including with mentions of 'PCC' and 'DELHI-AICC'.

Here are the entries under the 'RECEIPTS' note:

  • Transport- 554
  • Excise (MP)- 3622
  • EXCISE (GUJ)- 197
  • Mining- 550
  • PWD- 520
  • Urban-430
  • P Aahar-520
  • Energy department- 100

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Some of the schemes mentioned in the note refer to schemes constituted for the poor, malnourished children, pregnant and lactating mothers.

In a letter issued on Tuesday morning to the Election Commission, the Finance Ministry had made clear that  the Income-Tax raids were conducted as a result of a tip-off about money movement allegedly taking place from Madhya Pradesh to the national capital. 

Pertaining to the raids conducted by the income tax department in NCR, Bhopal, Indore, and Goa, based upon 'credible information', sources in the department have told Republic TV that the raids are still underway at two locations and have been conducted at around 50 places so far. 

Cash was allegedly being transferred from Madhya Pradesh through the Hawala route, following which hawala operators at Chandni Chowk were questioned by the IT department, from which it allegedly came to be known that money was handed over at Delhi's Tughlaq Road. 

On Monday evening, the tax department had issued a statement providing details of how the searches in Delhi in the group of a 'close relative of the senior functionary' have resulted in the seizure of incriminating proof including- cash book recording the unaccounted transaction of Rs. 230 crore, siphoning off money through bogus billing of over Rs. 242 crores and evidence of more than 80 companies in Tax havens. 

The press brief also mentioned how a part of unaccounted cash worth of Rs. 281 crore was transferred to the headquarter of a 'major political party' in Delhi from Madhya Pradesh. 

Here is the brief of the release: 

  • Madhya Pradesh: Widespread racket of a collection of unaccounted cash of approximately Rs. 281 crore. 
  • Delhi: Rs. 20 crore was moved through Hawala from Madhya Pradesh to headquarters of a 'major political party' 
  • Delhi: Raids at a 'close relative of a senior functionary' led to seizure evidence, including unaccounted transactions of Rs. 230 crore and bogus billing of over Rs. 242 crores.  

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