SENSATIONAL: Watch How The Indian Army Smoked Out Pakistani Terrorists And Destroyed Terror-havens In PoK

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The Indian army conducted the surgical strike on Pakistan on September 29, 2016

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Updated On:

636 days after the Indian Army carried out a Surgical Strike on terror-launchpads in Pakistan, Republic TV has exclusively accessed visual footage of the same.

The visuals of the Surgical Strike, which have been authenticated by Lt Gen DS Hooda who led the operation, contains footage of the Indian Army smoking out terrorists and destroying terror launchpads. 

The footage, which was recorded on head-mounted cameras and by UAVs on September 29, 2016, contains a time-stamp that leaves no doubt that the Surgical Strike, which was denied by Pakistan and poured scorn on by Opposition leaders, irrefutable and irrevocably took place.

The map with UAV aerial shot shows the Target 1 to be inside the Pakistan territory. The UAV aerial shot gives the overhead view of the terror camo with its coordinates. It shows a time stamp of 0615 hours and date stamp of 27-09-18 while establishing the position of the Pakistani terror camp.

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The video showing the second target shows the strike taking place well beyond the Line of Control (LoC), and well into the PoK. It took place at 6:13 am. 

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In the UAV camera, the target can be seen getting blown up. The other video is captured through the head-mounted camera, which was put on by a soldier. From that view, the target gets demolished and proves the strike was so powerful that the camera almost turned. It was taken from behind a tree. There seems to be a safe house in the distance. It gets blown away completely in the second strike. 

In a colored photo of Target No 3, four terrorists hanging out in the terror safe house in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) just a few kilometers away from the LoC border was seen. The heat mounted cameras showed a sudden bombardment that shook the ground, splattering the safe house into pieces giving rise to a cloud of black smoke.

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In the target four video, the Pakistani terrorists are seen hovering around the LOC within the Pakistan territory. At the dawn of September 29 2016, at precisely 4:32 am, the Indian army carried out their first surgical attack. In the video accessed by Republic, you will be able to see tiny ant like figures, who are the Pakistan terrorists. The Indian army within minutes targeted them and shot them dead.

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