Shimla: Tibetian Monks Organise Prayers To Dispel Previous Evils

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Tibetan Buddhists on Friday organised prayers for world peace and to dispel the evils of the previous year, in Shimla.

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In an effort to make peace prevail all over the world, Tibetian Buddhists organised prayers on Wednesday in Shimla. As per beliefs, the prayers will bring good luck for the coming year and dispel the evils of the previous year.

Each year a prayer is organised in the final month as per the Tibetian lunar calendar. Buddhist monks gather at a Buddhist monastery in Panthaghati near Shimla and organise dance programs, offer prayers etc.

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In India, Buddhist monks organise prayers 2 months earlier as they have to go to their respective monasteries for teaching during the Tibetian new year. A Buddhist monk told news agencies, “This is a very special prayer; we are praying for happiness and peace to the whole world. We used to offer these prayers in Tibet for many years. The main purpose is to remove all obstacles and welcome the Tibetan New year.”

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He added, "We are performing traditional Buddhist dances and also burning the Tor (symbolic cake) to remove all bad omens. Generally, these prayers are offered on the 29th day of the last month of the year but we are performing these prayers two months prior as all monks have to go for Monlam prayers to Bodh Gaya."

He said that they call it Gutor Chhenmo, which means the big day of the year to offer prayers to get rid of negative energy in the form of Torgyak (getting rid of bad thoughts by burning). They were offering prayers for world peace as his Holiness the Dalai Lama has always been an apostle of peace, he added.

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Tibetan monks In India and the Tibetan government in exile

In 1959 when China invaded Tibet, Lakhs of Tibetian took refuge India with their Spiritual leader Dalai Lama, establishing the Tibetan government in exile in Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh. 

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