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SHOCKING: Congress Backs Rahul Gandhi To The Hilt, Calls NCW A 'political Tool' For Sending Him A Notice For His Sexist Comments

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Hours after NCW issued notice to Rahul Gandhi over sexist remarks against Raksha Mantri, Congress leader have spoken in support for the party chief
  • Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma has defended Rahul Gandhi while attacking NCW and calling it a political tool
  • Further, Congress' Mallikarjun Kharge also backed Rahul Gandhi in his statement

Hours after the National Commission for Women(NCW) issued a notice to Congress president Rahul Gandhi over his recent misogynistic remarks against Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the party leaders have come out in support for their chief amid the controversy.

Speaking to reporters, senior Congress MP Anand Sharma, defended Rahul Gandhi over his sexist remarks and targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that he is using the Raksha Mantri as a 'shield'.

"Rahul Gandhi has done nothing to lower the political dialogue. The reality is that the Prime Minister is using the Raksha Mantri as a shield. This is the fault of Prime Minister. If he had the courage, then he should have come to the Parliament. He has yet not cleared the air about his dialogue with French President and no Nirmala Sitharaman or Arun Jaitley were involved in the dialogue. It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has downgraded the level of political dialogue ever since he has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Even now when he is the Prime Minister of India, neither he has kept the sanctity of his post nor he has the decency with the words that he uses. Being a woman, has Sushma Swaraj forgotten that during the recent election campaigning during elections, what words he had used against Sonia Gandhi? Not once but many times we have adhered PM to use his words carefully and stay in his limits," Anand Sharma said while speaking in the matter.

Later responding the question on NCW's notice to Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader termed the National Commission for Women a 'political tool', adding that the Commission should have sent the notice to PM Modi also for remarks.

"This is inspired by politics. Why didn't they issue notice to the Prime Minister? He and Amit Shah should have been issued many notices in this regard. This is ironical that PM says anything and use wrong language, nobody questions him. His remarks are insulting to not only the Indian women but also to the culture. They should not only act as political tools. The first notice they should have sent to Shri Narendra Modi. It is PM who has dragged the PM who has dragged the Indian political discourse to a gutter," he added.

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Furthermore, senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge backed Rahul Gandhi saying that he has great respect for women.

"Rahul ji has great respect for women, he talks to women with respect. When discussion was going on in Parliament, Prime Minister should have been present for the debate and put his point forth, he(Rahul Gandhi) only wanted that," Kharge said.

Rahul Gandhi has been facing the wrath for a sexist utterance made while he was speaking in Jaipur on Wednesday, where he chided the Prime Minister for asking 'a woman' to protect him. Addressing a rally in Jaipur, the Congress president had said:

"The Prime Minister with the 56-inch-chest didn't come even once to the people's court - the Parliament. We smashed the Raksha Mantri's speech. 56-inch-chest Prime Minister said to a woman, Sitharaman ji 'protect me', I will not be able to protect myself."

The National Commission for Women took cognisance of Rahul Gandhi's sexist remark and issued a notice to the Congress president saying that his remarks were "misogynistic, offensive and unethical and showed an extreme disrespect towards the dignity and honour of women in general". The notice further demanded Rahul Gandhi to provide a satisfactory explanation to the Commission.

Read NCW's notice to Rahul Gandhi here

The NCW chairperson alps pointed out the travesty entailed in the president of a national party making a misogynistic statement, calling it an 'irony' that Rahul Gandhi considers 'an accomplished Defence Minister of the largest democracy as a weak person'. 

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