SHOCKING: Roof Outside ICU At SKMC Hospital In Muzaffarpur Comes Crashing Down Even As Death Toll Increases Due To Encephalitis

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Amid the rising death toll in the state of Bihar due to encephalitis outbreak, another shocking incident took place at Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital, Muzaffarpur on June 23.

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Amid the rising death toll in the state of Bihar due to encephalitis outbreak, another shocking incident took place at Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital, Muzaffarpur on June 23. A part of its roof outside ICU collapsed as the patients were rushing to the hospital. However, no one was hurt. 

Till June 23, as many as 179 children died in the state. 

The Nitish government has been callous on the entire crisis that has broken in the state. Earlier, republic TV had also shown that the dilapidated condition of Darbhanga Hospital and Medical College.  

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In a shocking development, as Republic TV investigated the encephalitis outbreak in the Bihar, human skeletal remains were found in Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital. In the visual, skull and limbs of the skeletal were seen in the premises of Muzaffarpur hospital. Medical Superintendent has said that the report will be sought from the post mortem department. 

While the principal of the medical college said that he has sent a report to the District Magistrate who suggested that the skeletal belonged to animals, Bihar Health Ministry wa s forced to order probe into the matter. 


The Outbreak of AES has taken away lives of 179 children in the state. The state administration, however is clueless about the reason that causes such a deadly disease. 

The administration has blamed it on excessive heat and humidity, hypoglycemia, eating litchis on an empty stomach. However, despite the disease affecting the state every year, the questions as to why the state or Centre failed to combat this illness remains unanswered. The Bihar government on June 18 released a press note highlighting their observation on the AES outbreak.  In the press release of Bihar's CM, one reason for the deaths has been cited that the children slept without having dinner. It said that many affected children slept without eating food. It said that environmental study and analysis is necessary and that the problem of mosquitoes also has to be solved. It also noted that the problem of Drinking water has to be monitored.

The press release further stated that the CM has said that apart from awareness campaign, there must be a focus on all other issues surrounding the affected children. The release also mentioned that the CM wants to know the ratio of girls and boys affected by the disease. The press note further stated that the CM has ordered to increase the number of beds in the hospital and the ICU. He also said that doctors should be available 24*7 in the hospital. However, the press note did not provide an answer to the cause of AES or steps that have been taken by the government until now. 

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy CM Sushil Modi have been silent about the Encephalitis outbreak, with the former slamming the media saying it to 'stay in limits' and the latter asking reporters to 'leave the press conference if they want to ask about the death of the children'.

VVIP Treatment: In a shocking development, gates of the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital was shut from the morning of June 20 and patients were not allowed inside the hospital. This was done to provide VVIP treatment to LJD leader Sharad Yadav who came to visit the patients in the hospital by unsealing the gate for him and then sealing it again. Patients' family and kin allege that VVIP treatment and visit by ministers further hamper the proceedings in the hospital.

CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar's supporters barged into Muzaffarpur hospital as he visited patients. Moreover, on June 23, Congress workers blocked the way to the entry to the Sri Krishna Medical College Hospital in Muzaffarpur. When asked about the inconvenience caused to the patient, the Congress workers pushed and heckled Republic TV reporter.

Litchi conspiracy: In a bizarre claim, Prem Kumar, Minister of Agriculture in the Government of Bihar said that the entire Encephalitis outbreak due to eating litchi reasoning is a conspiracy against 'litchi'. 

Evades question: Union Minister for State for Health Minister Ashwani Kumar Choubey evaded the media on the issues of the deaths of children in Bihar due to encephalitis on Saturday. Similarly, state health minister Mangal Pandey also evaded questions when asked about the skeletal at the hospital premises. Earlier during the first press conference by Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, former was found sleeping whereas the latter was asking the score of the India Pakistan World Cup match. Meanwhile, Opposition has started a blame game. 

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