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Silent On Ponzi Scam Allegations Against Odisha Congress Chief, Rahul Gandhi Accuses CM Naveen Patnaik Of Chit-fund Scam

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  • Rahul Gandhi accused Naveen Patnaik attacked Naveen Patnaik for his alleged involvement in chitfund scam
  • He further said that the chief minister of Odisha is controlled by 'chowkidaar' with a 'remote control'

During Rahul Gandhi's address in Odisha, the Congress president turning a blind eye towards the Ponzi scam allegations of Congress chief Niranjan Patnaik and his son launched an attack on the state chief minister Naveen Patnaik for their names allegedly involved in the chit fund scam. 

Along with the Odisha chief minister's involvement in the chit fund scam, he alleged how 'Chowkidaar' has controls the chief minister of Odisha with a 'remote' 

He said, "There's theft even in Odisha. That means there's Chowkidar there and here there's chit fund scam. One more thing happened, the corruption that is done by your chief minister because of that the remote control of Odisha is given in the hands of a corrupt Chowkidaar. When he presses the button, Naveen Patnaik gets up, when he presses the button Naveen Patnaik sits down. If there is a need to pass some bill in the Parliament House, chowkidaar presses a button and Naveen Patnaik passes the bill. When there was demonetisation, the entire country looked at Narendra Modi and said there can't be a stupidity bigger than this. Small businesses are demolished, the lives of shopkeepers are ruined, Naveen Patnaik thinks 'this is very wrong', then immediately chowkidaar presses the button and Naveen Patnaik says 'this was a great job'."

On January 25,  the Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee chief Niranjan Patnaik and his son Navjyoti Patnaik faced arrest in the 2017 case of Ponzi scheme. An FIR had been lodged against them.  Navjyoti Patnaik was also accused of misappropriating Rs 6 crore from funds given to him for the company.

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BJP leader from Odisha Dharmendra Pradhan has said that Rahul Gandhi must respond to the charges against Odisha PCC chief. 

He said, "They will have to answer the people.  Rahul Gandhi should answer people on this scam by the state Congress chief. The key culprit behind keeping Odisha behind in development is Congress. Congress is responsible for letting Odisha behind in everything. They ruined the dreams of Odisha. They have looted the nation. They must answer. What is their take on the cheating and fraudulent activities by their party members?"

"Its an economic offence. We are raising this issue. The law will take its own course. But Rahul should answer. They are accountable to society. They should clear their stand
Let the Congress say that Bhupinder Hooda or Niranjan Patnaik are clean. That they haven't done anything wrong. That 'they are not accused of fraud. Rahul should clear this stand on the issue," he added. 

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