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'Some Nations Might Be Threatened By Bilateral Ties': Israel Envoy Dr Ron Malka On Blast

Speaking to Republic, Israel envoy Dr. Ron Malka hinted that some nations or non-state organizations might feel threatened by the India-Israel bilateral ties.

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Akhil Oka

Speaking exclusively to Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Israel's envoy to India Dr. Ron Malka hinted that some nations or non-state organizations might feel threatened by the India-Israel bilateral ties. He was reacting in the wake of a low-intensity IED explosion that took place near the Israeli Embassy on Friday evening. Incidentally, the day also marked the 29th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between India and Israel.

Highlighting that the relationship between the two countries is a "shining example" for the world, Dr. Malka highlighted the collaboration during the COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, he lauded India's role in ensuring the stabilization of the world. According to him, the forces who desire destabilization perceive the India-Israel partnership as a "threat". 

Dr. Ron Malka remarked, "I think there must be some countries, maybe some non-state organizations that might be threatened who don't really like what is happening between Israel and India which can be a shining example for the world- how two countries can collaborate and work together. Take for instance, not only this security collaboration. Amid this pandemic, how scientists from both Israel and India were involved in joint efforts and joint research for rapid tests of COVID-19. How we shared techniques, practices, advanced medical treatment between our countries. How much support we gave to each other. How much added value we gave to each other. I think other countries can just see that and try to learn how to collaborate and how two countries become so close."

"Both Israel and India in a much large scale are thriving for stabilization...India contributes so much to the world stabilization...India is bringing so much positive value to the stabilization of the world. Israel is bringing value to the stabilization of our region. So all those who seek destabilization see it as a threat," he added.

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No injuries in the blast

While no one was injured in the blast, the windscreens of some cars outside the Israeli Embassy on Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Road were found damaged. As per reports, an envelope addressed to the Israeli Embassy containing a note was found at the site of the blast. Moreover, the Delhi Police has recovered pieces of a cold drink can, ball bearings and a half-burnt pink scarf from the spot. Sources added that it is questioning some Iranians living in Delhi in connection with this explosion. The visas of some of these individuals have expired. 

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