Sonia Gandhi: 'Rajiv Gandhi Didn't Misuse Mandate', Omits 1984 Riots

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Slamming the Modi government, Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi, on Thursday said that mandate was not misused during 1984 by former PM late Rajiv Gandhi

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Updated On:

Slamming the Modi government, Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi, on Thursday said that mandate was not misused during 1984, while addressing at an event celebrating Rajiv Gandhi's 75th birth anniversary. She went on to say that former PM late Rajiv Gandhi did not suppress dissent and spread fear. Gandhi, who recently took over from her son Rahul Gandhi, was addressing at the capital. This statement comes after former Finance Minister Chidambaram was sent back to CBI custody on Thursday.

"In 1984, Rajiv Gandhi was elected with a total majority. But, he did not use that power to create an atmosphere of fear and to intimidate others. He did not use that power to destroy the autonomy of institutions. He did not use the mandate to supress dissent and different opinions," she said. 

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Manjinder Sirsa slams Sonia Gandhi

In response to her apparent swipe at the Modi government, Akali Dal Spokesperson Manjinder Singh Sirsa reminded her of the horrors of 1984. He slammed her of claiming such false statements when 1984 was marked by the anti-Sikh riots. He took to Twitter to share a video condemning her callous comments. In the video, her compares Rajiv Gandhi government to the Modi government. 

In the 1-minute video, Sirsa said, "Sonia Gandhi's statement is blasphemous and is a joke. How can she say that in 1984 when Rajiv Gandhi got the majority mandate, there was no fear? If there ever was an atmosphere of fear in the country it was during 1984- 1989. Innocent Sikhs were killed. And the 8000 Sikhs who were killed, were left bereft of justice. Sajjan Kumar and Kamal Nath were used to frightening us. Nobody could report statements against them due to fear in front of a court or a commission." 

Talking about how PM Modi was helping Sikhs, he continued , "In comparison is today's government, I wish to remind Sonia Gandhi. There was an incident in which a police officer had made a Sikh person remove his turban. That police officer has lost his job. In your government's time, you nurtured all the accused. You did let us even fight for our justice." 

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What was Operation Blue Star? 

The 1984 Operation Blue Star was the biggest internal security mission ever undertaken by the Indian Army. The Operation was Indira Gandhi's solution to the law and order situation in Punjab prevalent at that time due to the rise of Khalistan movement in India. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, ordered the military operation to remove Sikh militants who were accumulating weapons in the Harmandir Sahib Complex (Golden Temple) under Operation Blue Star which was carried out between June 1 and June 8, 1984, in Amritsar. The casualties as per the official reports were 83 Indian Army jawans and 492 civilians throughout the whole Operation. 

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