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SP MP Fearmongers On Gyanvapi Mosque Survey; 'Whatever Is Happening Will Not Be Tolerated'

Reacting on the Gyanvapi survey case, Samajwadi Party leader Shafiqur Rahman Barq said that whatever is happening in the mosque "will not be tolerated".

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Reacting to developments on the Gyanvapi mosque survey case, Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Shafiqur Rahman Barq said that whatever has been happening in the Gyanvapi mosque will not be tolerated and added that the hatred against Muslims will harm the country.

Speaking to reporters on the ongoing Gyanvapi mosque row, SP MP from Sambhal, Shafiqur Rahman said, "Whatever is happening in Gyanvapi Mosque will not be tolerated. It is a policy of the government and if this policy and hatred against Muslims continue, this will not harm us, but will also harm the country. We should all need to work for the development of the country. Gyanvapi mosque is made today? The Shivling and all is nothing but false propaganda. We reject this claim. All Muslims should be ready and think for their further planning."

Gyanvapi survey report submitted

On Thursday, the court commissioner in the Gyanvapi survey case, Vishal Singh along with his team submitted the survey report to the trial court. Speaking exclusively to Republic after submitting the survey report on Gyanvapi mosque, court commissioner Vishal Singh said, "We filed the report as per the court's order. We have filed the Gyanvapi mosque survey report in sealed boxes. All information has been mentioned and all the reports are with the court now."

Vishal Singh also said that the survey report is 10-12 pages long and has been submitted to the trial court. "The report is without prejudice in a confidential way. Whatever we have found in our proceeding, we have drafted it in our report," Singh said. On the Shivling issue, Singh said that it's early for him to comment on it, adding further that the court will decide the matter.

'Shivling' discovered at Gyanvapi mosque

The survey of the Gyanvapi Mosque complex concluded on Monday, May 16, during which, according to claims made by the Hindu side, a Shivling has been discovered in the Wuzukhana (Ablution pond). The court subsequently ordered the sealing of the spot where the Shivling was found. On Tuesday, the apex court asked the Varanasi district magistrate to ensure the area where a ‘Shivling’ was found in the Gyanvapi complex is sealed without restricting the right of Muslims to worship there.

Meanwhile, the Varanasi court was set to review today (May 19) the videographic survey report submitted by the team appointed by it. However, the Supreme Court ordered the trial court in Varanasi to not proceed with the Gyanvapi Mosque case till Friday. Notably, the survey team consisted of three court-appointed advocate commissioners, five lawyers from each side, an assistant, and a videography crew.

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