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SPICE 2000: Here Is All You Need To Know About The Super-precision Missile System Used In The IAF Strike On Pakistan's Terror Bases

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  • The IAF used the SPICE 2000 bomb in its Mirage plane to strike on terror camps across the LoC
  • Here is what all you need to know about the weapon

SPICE stands for Smart Precise Impact and Cost Effective. It is a guidance kit that is intended to convert dumb/unguided bombs into smart guided air-to-surface munitions droppable from standoff range. It has been evolved from the proven Popeye missile with the purpose mentioned above.

It applies advanced electro-optical guidance system to achieve outstanding precision against high-value targets.

It was developed by Rafale for use in the Israel armed forces. IAF has acquired precision-guided bombs with increased accuracy and penetration for use against fortified and underground command centres. 

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Features of the SPICE 2000:


The SPICE 2000 is an air to ground weapon system that is capable of hitting and destroying targets with pinpoint accuracy and at high attack volumes. The weapon uses top-notch technology for navigation, guidance and homing techniques to ensure the destruction of targets Circular Error PRobably (CEP) of more than 3 meters. 

As per the Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd, the SPICE is a family of stand-off, autonomous, air-to-ground weapon systems, capable of hitting and destroying targets with pinpoint accuracy and at high attack volumes. 


The SPICE 2000 used by the IAF uses advanced electro-optical guidance system to achieve precision against high-value targets. Equipped with reinforced concrete penetration the Spice -2000 can go through a structure with accuracy leaving a hole at just the point of impact as the structure remains standing. 

The SPICE 2000 used by the Indian Air Force automatically goes to its target upon and is a fire and forget weapon that navigates itself as it launches once by relying only on the navigation/seeker system.


The technology in the SPICE 2000 enables it to use scene-matching technology to locate a target and then s tracker to hit it.  The SPICE 2000 belongs to the Spice family that ensure precision and reduce collateral damage by overcoming  Target Location Error and GPS jamming.


The Spice-2000 separated from the underbelly of Mirage 2000 fighter jets and glided based on the memory chip affixed to the bombs guided them to their targets. The memory chip guides the bomb to the target after they have been separated from the plane.


Additionally, the SPICE has a day, night and adverse weather capabilities, based on its advanced seeker and scene-matching algorithms. 

Spice contains an “electro-optical scene matching system” that resembles DSMAC’s in as much as its memory is loaded with pictures of the target area, taken beforehand by aircraft (piloted or unpiloted) or by satellite.

The cameras can generate real-time images and are if higher resolution than those of DSMAC. SPICE is loaded with pictures of its targets and can compare both the real-time and the one it takes real time.

It can generate images in the visible and the infra-red parts of the spectrum, meaning it can operate in low visibility. It has enough data to cover the entire route to a target.

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