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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Suggests Ways To Fight COVID-19, Asks To 'gather Courage & Calmness'

The ongoing pandemic, that continues to wreak havoc and claim lives of many, spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar poured in his ‘positive thoughts’ to combat it.

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Amid the ongoing pandemic, that continues to wreak havoc and claim the lives of many, spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar poured in his ‘positive thoughts’ to combat the virus. With the rapid rise in the number of daily coronavirus cases, The Art of Living organization founder recently shared a message with Republic World for people and tried to disseminate vital information for people to adopt and emerge as warriors from the disease. 

Ravi Shankar shares thoughts on the ongoing pandemic 

Sharing his thoughts on the miseries, the agony of the people the global humanitarian Sri Ravi Shankar who is dedicated to the strength and healing for COVID-19 patients said, “ Our country is undergoing serious problem due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We are bound to get affected by the miseries and sorrows of the people who have contracted the virus. There are some people who have even lost their loved ones due to the virus. Amid such conditions, it is human tendency to get shattered and become directionless. Now, the only question that arises from it is that how can we overcome such situations where everywhere the virus has created havoc and people are losing their lives.”

Coming up with a solution to the problem, the spiritual guru gave a strong message and explained the importance of maintaining a positive approach towards life. Elucidating upon the same, he said, "firstly, every human should gather courage and calmness to fight the battle. Just like hospital treats patients in the hospital, similarly, people should also revive the energy, courage and boost up their morale so that it will help one to overcome such obstacles. This is the best time to practice patience and not lose it easily. Secondly, we should be in our senses and not lose them during difficult times. We should have strong control over our emotions so that we do not repent later.”

Continuing, he said, “Thirdly, we should indulge ourselves in acts of compassion by helping others amid the pandemic that are suffering and are in desperate need of help. We should sympathise with the people and their suffering and do whatever we can do to the best of our ability to help them. We should look up to the frontline warriors and healthcare workers who work relentlessly day and night to serve society and save people. Their work is simply worth lauding, similarly, we should also strive hard to work like them.”

Food is one important aspect according to Ravi Shankar that plays a vital role in curbing the spread and giving that required balance, strength to the body. Suggesting ways and diet that one should consume during these tough times, he explained, “One should focus on consuming Ayurvedic products like Turmeric, and other immunity-boosting products. A good diet should not be only maintained for a good body, it should be consumed post-COVID diagnosis also when the body requires the maximum amount of vitamin, minerals in order to fight the virus. “

'Refrain from negativity'

At last, while concluding, he requested people to refrain from indulging in any negative activities and thoughts. He advised all to be positive and surround with things that would cool down the nerves, senses, and help in soothing your mind. “Try to inherit positive things. If one continuously tries to get surrounded by negative thoughts then he/ she is bound to feel depressed. I am sure we shall overcome this with unity. Regain energy, look out for others and help them in these tough times and by doing this it could prove beneficial for others,” he concluded.

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