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Star Athlete Neeraj Chopra Blasts Pakistan For Divisive Appeal, Tells Imran Khan's Minister 'we Don't Think Like That'

Written By Koushik Narayanan | Mumbai | Published:

Asian Games medalist Neeraj Chopra hit out at Pakistan Minister Fawad Hussain's divisive tweet that attempted to disrupt the harmony and peaceful co-existence of the soldiers of the  Indian Army. The athlete hit out at the Pakistani neta and urged for a prompt response against a frustrated Pakistan attempting to spread fake news and disharmony. 

Neeraj Chopra lashes out at Pakistan neta

Neeraj Chopra suggested that India should ignore the frustrated attempts made by Pakistan to divide the Armed Forces. He stressed upon the unity with which the Indian Army worked irrespective of having soldiers from different religions and castes and said that Pakistan should be given a fitting response soon. He also backed the government's decision to deploy additional forces in the state and said that when such a big decision was being taken, then it had to be done to tackle security concerns. 

Speaking to Republic TV, Neeraj Chopra said, ''Pakistan will speak all this because they are frustrated. We have to be focused on our side. Pakistan will speak every time but we are united. We will not allow their initiative to implement in India. The Indian Forces are one. All are united and there no religion, caste in the forces. The Forces are there for us. Pakistan should not spread fake propaganda. They are frustrated and we should not pay heed to them. We have to be unified and give them a prompt response. Every personnel of the Forces is working for our country.'' 

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What Fawad Hussain had tweeted

Pakistan politician Ch Fawad Hussain had issued an abhorrent and flawed-at-conception tweet appealed to Indian Army soldiers along communal lines, even as his government and the Pakistani deep state abandoned all pretense, tweeting fake news and videos by the dozen to make it appear as though the situation is Kashmir is anything but normal. 

Olympian Heena Sidhu lashes out at Fawad Hussain

Taking to Twitter, the Olympian slammed the Pakistani neta and asked him to read Sikh history to be better informed. She said that she herself was a Punjabi and Sidhu and that Punjabis have always been the biggest wall standing between India and what lies in the west of India. She lashed out at the Minister's insensitive post and said that one did ot need to be in the army to defend what was ours. 

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