Subramanian Swamy Tells Rahul Gandhi How He Can Recur Self-respect After Rafale Verdict

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Subramanian Swamy, while talking about the Supreme Court judgment on the case of contempt against Rahul Gandhi, said that he should not be hypocritical

Written By Ria Kapoor | Mumbai | Updated On:

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subramanian Swamy, while talking about the Supreme Court judgment in the case of contempt against Rahul Gandhi said that he should not be hypocritical and that he should go to the courts if he has any proof against people he wants to name.

Dr Swamy calls it hypocrisy

He said, “First of all, remember that Rahul Gandhi is out on bail in a corruption case- the National Herald case. And now he cannot talk about the corruption of others. It is really hypocritical. Second, he has no evidence. If he has evidence, why does he not go to Patiala House like I went in the National Herald and file a private complaint against the Prime Minister and any others he wants to name?”

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He added, “ But he doesn’t do that. He wants to fire off the shoulders of someone else. First, he tried the Supreme court, it just backfired, now he wants the Parliament to set up some committee. These are all indications that they have no proof, whatsoever. The only way for Rahul Gandhi to recur some self-respect for him is to openly apologise to the Prime Minister that 'I’m sorry that I made these allegations, I was misled or something and I won’t do it again'. That would carry some weight with the public but right now in the eyes of the public he's a laughing stock.”

On being asked about the Congress finding solace in the verdict of Justice Joseph, he said, “Yeah well nothing stops Rahul Gandhi to go even today to the CBI headquarters and say please register an FIR and if the CBI doesn’t register, then come back to the court and get another smack. That’s all. There’s nothing in it. There’s no evidence in it. I’ve seen it. I had looked into the Rafale matter when Sonia Gandhi had made a deal with the French President’s wife.”

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“But then the then Defence Minister said that he would scrap that deal and they scrapped that deal. So, I think, this time the deal-defence minister went through it very carefully. And he made sure that there is no question of any corruption involved. And that is why they are not able to find any and they are now jumping from here and there and trying to fire guns from different shoulders. And they’re running helter-skelter. But these are all fishing expeditions as the court said,” he added. 

When asked about not having enough proofs, Swamy spoke about the Congress party and said, “They’re desperate and they are all discredited. And you know the public doesn’t want to look at them. I know what court monitoring and the investigation is and I have done it in several cases so there you have to present proofs of possibilities in favour of your allegations.”

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He also added, ”You need not prove it but you should have some material that you look at it and say yes it is possible that there has been corruption. Now here he has produced nothing except hearsay materials, newspaper cuttings. How can you have an FIR registered on such a vital matter and that too involving the Prime Minister based on some speculations in newspapers."

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