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SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Listen To This Secret Source's Account Of What The Pakistan Army Did To Suppress The Truth Of The IAF's Balakot Air Strike

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Pakistan Army took over Balakot to silence people by force.
  • Mobile phones were snatched. 

In an attempt to douse the impact of IAF counter-terror air-strikes on Jaish-e-Mohammed, an insider source revealed to Republic the leaps and bounds to which Pakistan Army went to conceal their terror-links. 

In an exclusive three-minute Balakot tape retrieved by Republic, an eye-witness of the event disclosed the atrocities of the Pakistan Army in silencing the villagers. 

Through the tapes, it was revealed that: 

  • Pakistan Army took over Balakot to silence people by force.
  • Mobile phones were snatched. 
  • Internet was shit down in the area to restrict the flow of videos and photos. 

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 He said, "The total number of terrorists killed is still not known. But the Pakistani army has surrounded the entire area in Balakot. They are thrashing and brutalising people. They are snatching their mobile phones. They have even shut down internet services in the area so that people do not circulate information, videos and pictures. But the scene at that moment was very disturbing because they were not even providing basic medical care to the injured at that moment. Those injured were screaming for help. But the (Pakistani) Army was so inhuman and they did not even allow doctors to go there. They burnt most of the bodies, most of them."

In the last week, it was reported that an international news agency was prevented from entering the site of attack, for the third time, citing 'security concerns'

Furthermore, Pakistan Army according to the secret source covered up the attack, wherein dead terrorists were hurriedly disposed of and locals silenced with an iron fist.

He said, "They got petrol out of cars and used it to burn the bodies. The remaining bodies were put in sacks and were dumped in the Kulhar river. Do you understand? They dumped the bodies in the river so that there is no proof available in the future. Even after they tried to cover up the matter, people have videos which they are circulating. It seems as if after the Indian strike, believe me, Jaish-e-Mohammed and ISI are rattled. They have moved all their men Waziristan-Afghanistan border. Do you understand? Since the strike, they shifted all their men from here and sent them to the Afghanistan-Waziristan border. If there is another strike by India at the Pakistani army camps, they will have no place to hide. We believe that if the Indian army continues to target the terror camps and continues to kill terrorists, soon we will be free of terror."

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