Surging India | UPA Vs NDA: Here's PM Modi's 'two-window' Comparison

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At the two-day Republic Summit 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the keynote speech on 'Surging India'. 

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Updated On:

At the two-day Republic Summit 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the keynote speech on 'Surging India'. 

Addressing the pace at which India has surged, PM Modi posed a question, "Kya chaar saal pehele apne socha tha?" ("Did you think this four years back?"), citing developments of the country in diverse fields, one of the most significant being the economic progress and the positioning of the country as a key global player. 

He said, "India's economy, India's talent, the social order of India, cultural values of India or India's strategic strength, India's brightness is growing at all levels"

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Shadowed by the NDA government, PM Modi acknowledged the nation's progress in the last four years, and the country's entrance into the "Five Trillion Dollar Economies Club" 

He said, "Four years ago no one had thought that India would soon step up to join the Five Trillion Dollar Economies Club." 

Further, adding India's jump in the ranking of Ease of Doing Business from 142 in the UPA era to 77 at the moment, he said, "Did four years ago somebody thought that the ranking of Ease of Doing Business would come from 142 to 77, India would move towards the Top 50." 

He asked that did four years ago did anyone think that an auto-driver, vegetable seller and a chai-wala too will be using the Bheem app or carrying a debit card in his pocket? He even said that how the airway travelers have grown, compared to railways. 

PM Modi listed out the developments undertaken by the country in the last four years, saying, "The result of this is that today India is building highway at double speed, doubling of railway lines at double speed, electricity is being done, more than 100 new airports and heliports are being worked on, 30-30, 40 -The schemes stuck for 40 years are being fulfilled." 

"Today you go anywhere in India, you will definitely find a signboard - 'Work in Progress'. These signboards truly show that 'India in Progress'. Only roads, flyovers, not metro, here is the work to create a new India," he added.

He further emphasised on how the NDA government is building a solid solution for this.

He said, "Our government is working for a permanent solution to the problems, the challenges facing the country are increasing towards their Permanent Solutions. We are breaking down the mechanisms, which have stopped the development of the country for decades." 

Citing the above examples, Prime Minister told how the "speed and scale of work" has grown.

He said, "Complete system of government, complete machinery is made of sustainable development of 70 years. 4 or 4 and half year ago, this was the same system, this was the machinery. But today the speed and scale of work have increased manifold." 

"When there is conviction and commitment for transparency, transparency in public life, and work towards people it encourages to take big and tough decisions," he said.

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