Tabrez Ansari Lynching Case: Owaisi Slams Jharkhand Police & BJP Govt

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As the Jharkhand Police dropped the murder charges in the Jharkhand lynching case, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi targeted the BJP govt and the prosecution

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As the Jharkhand Police dropped the murder charges against 11 accused in the lynching case of 22-year-old Tabrez Ansari quoting that post-mortem reports said he died of cardiac arrest, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi targeted the BJP govt. Speaking to news agency ANI, Owaisi said: "The thing is that had Tabrez Ansari been rescued when he was beaten for 7 hours, his life would have been saved, had he taken to hospital immediately, his life would have been saved. From day 1 that the Police allowed Ansari to be dead for the whole night. he was forced to chant all the slogans against the basic tenets of Islam. This is a pattern of BJP govt that accused are being protected, the criminal cases of mob-lynching are diluted. This is attitude of BJP govt to protect the accuse who has beaten Dalits and Muslims. Tabrez Ansari died beacsue of his head injury - we are forgetting this."

He also took to Twitter and targeted the 'shoddy job' of the prosecution. He said: "Do you know why lynching after lynching is recorded & shared by culprits? Why each lynching is successively more gruesome than the previous one? Do you know why they don't stop? Because there is a higher chance that the prosecution will do its best to do a shoddy job."

Tabrez Ansari's lawyer hits out after police drops murder charge

Jharkhand Police drops murder charges

In a shocking development in the mob-lynching case of 22-year old Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand's Kharsawa, the Police has dropped the murder charges claiming that the post mortem report is saying that he died due to cardiac arrest. Speaking to Republic TV, Ansari's lawyer Altaf Hussain alleged that the case is politically motivated. He also said that charges has been framed as per section 304, whereas it should have been registered under section 302. Hussain added that a petition has been filed that the chargesheet should file the case under section 302 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) stating 'punishment for murder'.

"Police has given the chargesheet as per 304 but it should be 302. The court has not accepted the chargesheet, the point of cognisance is pending. We have petitioned that the cognisance of the matter must be as per 302, we are waiting for the hearing. Let me tell you clearly, this is injustice. The post-mortem report says head injury. But doctor's report has modified it. It is politically motivated - they wanted to save the doctor, Police," Tabrez Ansari's lawyer said. 

Jharkhand mob-lynching case: 5 arrested, SIT constituted to investigate into 22-year old Tabrez Ansari's fatal lynching in Saraikela

What is the case?

On June 18 this year, 22-year-old Tabrez Ansari was allegedly attacked by a mob while he was on his way back to Saraikela from Jamshedpur. He was allegedly attacked 5 km away from his home. Videos of him being tied to a pole and being beaten for hours surfaced soon after the day. He was allegedly captured for stealing a motorbike. Sources also reported that there are allegations that the mob forced Ansari to chant 'Jai Shri Ram'. Reports say that he was handed over to Police after he lost consciousness. On  June 22, he died in hospital. 

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Congress slams the BJP government

As the Police filed a chargesheet in the mob-lynching case as per two post-mortem reports that Ansari died of cardiac arrestand thereby dropped murder charges against 11 accused, the Opposition targeted the BJP. Opposition claimed that the case is being 'politically motivated'. Sandeep Dikshit of the Congress said: "Death happens due to cardic arrest but the reason of the arrest is obvisouly beatings he received. The incident was police fault,and thats why they are trying to change the clause. It is politically motivated." Congress' Digvijaya Singh accused the Home Minister saying: "As I said earlier with Amit Shah as GOI Home Minister what else do you expect? The Prosecution and Defence are on the same page to save BJP activists and sympathisers whether they are Mob Lynchers or Terror accused.  Gujarat Model of Governance."

Tabrez Ansari case: Murder charges dropped despite lynching video

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