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EXCLUSIVE | Teen Rapper Anum Nasir's Republic Day Message To Girls: 'Don't Suppress Your Talent'

Republic Media Network spoke to Anum Nasir, a teen Kashmiri rap musician, about her journey to becoming a sensation in the nascent rap culture of India. 

Anum Nasir (18) has been rapping since she was eight years old and first started off with hip-hop as a hobby; Image: Republic

Anum Nasir, Jammu and Kashmir's new rap sensation, is taking the internet by storm. The 18-year-old rapper who goes by the stage name Nasir has been rapping since she was eight years old. She started as a hip-hop artist, but after uploading her first video in 2021, she decided that rap music was her passion. Nasir hasn't looked back ever since. 

During a special broadcast on the 74th Republic Day, Republic Media Network spoke to Nasir who revealed more about her journey to becoming a senstation in India's nascent rap culture. 

Anum Nasir on her rap journey 

Speaking to Republic, Nasir said she had no real idea about hip hop music and was unsure if it was a hobby or something she wanted to pursue professionally. "I got really interested in rap in seventh standard and I tried to convince my family. But at the time they did not allow me to do it because of a conservative society. They said that there is no concept of rap here and the society won't allow it here in Kashmir", Nasir told Republic.

"It was really difficult for me. But I never let go of my pen. I started writing. I completed my tenth standard and started attending rap battles, people started knowing me as Rapper Annie. Then I uploaded some of my videos and it continues till now", she said. 

Asked what she writes about, rapper Annie said her songs are mostly inspired by her surroundings. "The struggles that I have faced, or whatever I want to express about my life, I express it through rap. It can be my personal life, it can be outside of my personal life or whatever's going on it the world," she said. Annie sent out a message to millions of young girls: "Do not supress your talent".

"Whatever talent you have, be it rap or outside of music, do not supress it. The freedom we first get, it comes from our family. The society will have problem with anything a girl does. So if our talent if strong enough to convince our families, they will understand us and support us in every way and then we won't be affected by society", she said. 

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