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Telangana Prisons Department Sets Up 'My Nation' Stall To Sell Things Made By Inmates

Telangana Prisons Department is selling products created by inmates through an outlet called 'My Nation' at the All India Industrial Exhibition in Numaish.


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Telangana State Prisons Department is selling products made by inmates, which include essential household necessities, through an outlet called 'My Nation' at the All India Industrial Exhibition in Numaish. Steel almirahs, stools, bed sheets, towels, doormats, phenyl, acid, bakery items, and children's woollen clothes will be available at the store. This outlet provides a significant benefit to all inmates because the gained ability allows them to have a decent life once they are freed from jail.

Mahender, a warden from the Cherlapally jail, told ANI, "We participate in Numaish every year, exhibit the products made by the prisoners in Telangana jails. We have a lot of demand for our products in this exhibition. We also get orders from the government. The reason why we get many orders is that we maintain the best quality in the market." Mahender went on to say that they have regular customers who come every year to buy the jail department's products. "We force inmates to master the trade with the assistance of instructors so that when they are released, they will be skilled. They are also compensated when an item sells, he stated. He went on to say that the department has about ten stalls spread over Telangana.

Products made by jail inmates at 'My Nation' stall

Ellaiah, a Cherlapally jail inmate, stated, "I've been in the open jail for nearly four years and labour here. I weave fabric and manufacture furniture in the jail. I spend the money I make from manufacturing goods for personal reasons." According to Vittal, a customer from Musheerabad, the things created here are handmade and of high quality. "They weave the products with their own hands and that is why we come here every year to buy products," Vittal said. He added that by purchasing these items, people are indirectly helping the convicts.

Prisoners to engage in sports activities

Last month, a one-of-a-kind competition for convicts across India was organised in an effort to rehabilitate them via participation in various sports activities. Professional coaches train the prisoners as part of this project, which was launched last month at Yerwada Jail in Pune by Atulchandra Kulkarni, Additional Director of General, Maharashtra Prisons. Chess, Badminton, Carrom, and Volleyball were played by inmates from nine different states. Kulkarni noted that women prisoners will soon be given the same opportunity.

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