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Temperatures Continue To Soar In Gujarat, Relief From Heat-wave Still A Way Off: Forecast Here

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  • Gujarat continues to reel under a severe heat wave
  • Relief is not expected at least for the next few days

Despite temperatures shooting up to the 45-degree Celsius range, the weather department has confirmed that there will be no respite for the people of Gujarat for at least a couple of days.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday said heatwave conditions are likely to continue over the northwest, central and adjoining peninsular India, till at least Wednesday.

Dry winds and scorching heat are a common occurrence in the State of Gujarat at this time of year. With absolutely no signs of any rain or thunderstorm activities, Gujarat region
was rain deficient by almost 62% in May, as per reports.

Gujarat is considered the least weather-active pocket during the pre-Monsoon season. Even though winds blow from the Arabian Sea - keeping temperatures under check in coastal regions -  the weather becomes sultry in isolated pockets. Moreover, temperatures over the coastal and inland stations of the state differ a lot. Meanwhile, hot winds from the Sindh region force day temperatures in inland districts to settle very high.

Parts of Gujarat's Saurashtra region continue to reel under heatwave conditions with Surendranagar being the hottest at 45.3 degrees Celsius, followed by Gandhinagar at 45 degrees Celsius, Rajkot at 44.5 degrees Celsius. Ahmedabad and six other districts, meanwhile, have recorded temperatures between 43 and 44 degrees Celsius.

Forecast for the Upcoming days 

The Maximum Temperature during the last seven days over Saurashtra, Gujarat & Kutch ranged from 43 to 45 degtree Celsius with Kandala recording the highest temperature of 44.8 degrees Celsius on June 3.

Maximum Temperature range for Gujarat are expected to be as under:

June 4 & 5 : 42°C to 44°C
June 6, 7 & 8: 43°C to 45°C
June 9 & 10: 41°C to 43°C

As Gujarat has reeled under the severe heatwave, more than 300 people affected by excessive heat and dehydration have been admitted to hospitals in the State. On Sunday, two persons, one in Meghraj taluka of Sabarkabtha district and one in Jerome taluka of Rajkot district, died of heatstroke, while more than 300 people affected by excessive heat and dehydration were admitted to hospitals in the State.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and other authorities have sounded an orange alert, asking people to stay indoors, particularly between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m.