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The 3 Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches That Are Sweeping Across India

Here's how to get started with affiliate marketing, which is one of the easiest forms of marketing to begin with and has the lowest entry barriers.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing where an affiliate (usually in the form of a website, a blog, or a social media account) earns money by referring clients to purchase a product sold by the affiliate brand.

To illustrate what this concept is all about, let’s take an example

Meet Vikram. He wants to become an affiliate. Vikram goes to and signs up for the Amazon affiliate program. Since Vikram is a devoted Instagram user with thousands of followers, he opens up his Instagram and starts promoting Amazon products to his followers, using his unique Amazon affiliate link. When one of Vikram’s followers goes to make a purchase on Amazon, Vikram earns a cool commission of up to 10% of the purchase amount.

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is all about, let’s take a look at the most popular (and profitable) affiliate marketing niches that Vikram and other business-minded Indians can start exploiting today.

Amazon Affiliation

Amazon is by far the most popular affiliate scheme in India, if not in the entire world. The reason behind the success and popularity of the Amazon affiliate program is the ease with which people can start using the program. Signing up takes only a few minutes, and then you would receive a unique Amazon link. You are now ready to start promoting products to your audience.

Amazon offers a wide range of products. In fact, you can buy almost anything on Amazon. So no matter what type of audience you have, you’ll find a product, or a series of products on Amazon that you can promote. If you're new to the affiliate market or have a very broad and general readership, choosing Amazon as your go-to affiliate partner is a good way to start.

Travel Affiliation

Indians enjoy traveling. We travel all over the world to visit the major cities of Europe and America, as well as to study or visit family members who live in other countries. Furthermore, most Indians also travel domestically between cities on a frequent basis, both by air and by train.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that the travel affiliate industry in India has risen by leaps and bounds in recent years. If you have a travel-obsessed audience, you can capitalize on this trend by joining one of the many travel affiliate programs available.

One of the best and easiest ways to get started is signing up for a trip comparison site like Momondo, which most Indians are familiar with. Alternatively, you can join an affiliate program, such as the one on, which allows your audience to book hotels, from which you would receive affiliate commissions.

iGaming Affiliation

If you have an audience who enjoys betting-related activities such as sports betting, playing rummy or online casino games, then the iGaming affiliate niche you might be looking for. The iGaming affiliate niche is one of the most competitive in India and also easily one of the most profitable.

You earn commissions as an iGaming affiliate for every player you refer to one of the iGaming brands (think Betway, RummyCircle, or LeoVegas). Players make a deposit on one of the sites, and affiliates are often compensated on a revenue-share basis, which means you will continue to earn profits if your players remain active on the gaming site.

One of the biggest affiliate sites that is already making headway within this niche is MyBetting. You can look to them for some inspiration if you’re going into the iGaming niche.


Many experts believe that affiliate marketing is the easiest type of marketing to get started with and has the lowest entry barriers. It is completely free to begin affiliate marketing. All you need is an audience.

If you don’t have an audience yet, then don’t despair. You can build one from scratch. Create a website or a social media presence and begin publishing useful information in an area that you are passionate about. There are a plethora of rich affiliate niches out there simply waiting to be discovered, and the pie is large enough for everyone to share. Hence, nobody is probably late for this party. Get started now, and with enough effort and persistence, you can establish a profitable affiliate marketing business in India as well.

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