The Cabal Remains Silent As Yet Another Terror Barbarity Strikes Kashmir

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Army jawan Mukhtar Ahmed Malik was shot dead after he reached home to take part in the last rites of his 18-year-old son who had died on September 15.

Written By Snehesh Alex Philip | Mumbai | Updated On:

In yet another instance of terror barbarity in Jammu and Kashmir, unidentified terrorists today shot dead Army Jawan Mukhtar Ahmed Malik after he reached home to take part in the last rites of his 18-year-old son who had died on September 15.

But the so-called Kashmir activists and human rights champions have been silent.

Malik, who belonged to the 162 Territorial Army Battalion of the Indian army, has joined the list of thousands of Kashmiri brave hearts who have fallen victim to the proxy war being waged by Pakistan.

What is more disconcerting than the killing of a mourning father, is the silence of the cabal that springs to action whenever security forces carry out an operation.

The latest example was witnessed last week when a picture of a Pakistani terrorist’s body being dragged by soldiers, was used to push in the agenda to show as if Kashmiris were being tortured.

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A lot of keyboard warriors, without even understanding the basic ethos of the Indian Army or the Standard Operating Procedures, came out all guns blazing at the army. At the same time, some over the top nationalists came out wanting every terrorist to be dealt with in the same manner.

The country lost a young officer of the Indian Army, on deputation to the NSG, during the Pathankot attack when he moved the body of a terrorist without tying a rope and dragging the body from a distance.

The soldiers last week followed the laid down SOPs when they dragged the body of the terrorist from the nearby field. The biggest danger after the end of an encounter is booby traps that the terrorists might have set up before he breathed his last. One of the classic moves is to take out the pin off the grenade and place it under his own body.

Yes, it was wrong for the body to be dragged after confirming that there was no booby trap. Not many know it but when a Pakistani terrorist is shot dead by security forces, Pakistan is informed and they have always refused to take back bodies.

The Indian army has always given them a burial as per their religious traditions and that is exactly what the Army stands for.

But then who cares about facts when the agenda is to propagate a false narrative against the security forces. Facts are often sacrificed at the altar of propaganda. 

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