These 11 Quotes By Manohar Parrikar Perfectly Capture His Love For Goa And His Uncompromising Desire To Serve His Country

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Senior BJP leader and chief minister of Goa, Manohar Parrikar, 63, passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer on Sunday evening. 

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Senior BJP leader and chief minister of Goa, Manohar Parrikar, 63, passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer on Sunday evening. 

An alumnus from IIT Bombay embarked upon his illustrious political journey as an RSS prachark at first, then went on to become a four-time chief minister, a former Defence Minister in the Modi-led NDA government and was known as an organised taskmaster. 

Here are a few fierce quotes from the 'builder of modern Goa' and the 'unparalleled leader', Manohar Parrikar. 

Manohar Parrikar on being Defence Minister 

  • "I became Defence Minister with the blessings of you all. I didn't know anything. Let me admit, I was shivering on the first day. I put up a brave face banking on my experience"
  • "Someone said that I am simple (seedha-saadha). I think the Defence Minister should not be straight when it comes to ensuring the safety of the country. In matters of the country's defence, I can think wily (tedha)"

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Manohar Parrikar on higher salaries for lawmakers, despite facing criticism.

  • "I have got guts to say that once you become MP (Member of Parliament) or MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly), its like can't do your business. Those who criticise do not understand, because if you throw peanuts, you will get monkeys." 

While heading to Delhi from Goa, after being appointed as the Defence Minister. 

  • "I am disturbed at leaving the post. But the nation is bigger than the state for me. I have a mixed feeling. I would miss the Goan fish curry-rice"

Parrikar on terrorism

  • "A terrorist coming to India with a gun should not expect human rights. If required, we will neutralise terrorists with terrorists. Our Army of 13 lakhs is not to preach peace."
  • "I gave instructions to the armed forces personnel to shoot at anyone possessing an AK-47 machine gun as it is obvious that they do not have any good intentions."
  • "We don't itch for a fight, but if someone looks at the country with an evil eye, we will gouge his eyes out and put them back in his hand, we have that much power"
  • "My mother had taught me that even if you are going to hunt a rabbit, be prepared to kill a tiger"

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Parrikar on Pakistan and PM Modi's leadership

  • "Ceasefire violations have taken place in hundreds for the last five-six years. Check out the figures. The only difference is that if they do it now, we give a befitting reply."

Parrikar on Surgical Strike

  • "The present circumstances have prevented me from delivering a speech, but there is a josh that is too high and I am in hosh, too much hosh."

Manohar Parrikar on honesty

  • "Honesty without output is of no use. It's not that if you are honest then you can't deliver. A simple way of living honestly is not to take any decision. When you take a decision, you have to pass through a path with thorns and nails. You have to avoid all those and take a clear, conscious decision in the interest of the nation."


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