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'Third COVID Wave Inevitable In India; Vaccine Effective On Variants': Health Min Briefing

The Health Ministry on Wednesday asserted that the third wave of COVID-19 was ''inevitably", urged people to adhere to COVID-19 appropriate behavior.


At a time when India is struggling to deal with the deadly second wave of the Coronavirus, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare while addressing a press conference on Wednesday, asserted that a third wave of the virus also awaits the country and was ''íneveitable''.  Pointing out that there was no clarity as to when the third phase will occur, the Ministry urged the people and the country to prepare well in advance.

Talking about preparation on the part of the country as a whole, the Ministry stated, "We cannot do too much on their transmissibility, We can upgrade vaccines and adopt new strategies when variants come." Moving on to the discussions to be made by the people, in particular, he added, "We should ensure Masks, distancing and change our behaviour to COVID appropriate exponentially."

Pointing out that the Scientists were ready for the third wave and any more waves to come thereafter, the Ministry threw light upon the measures being taken to monitor new variants. "Mutations are not new to the virus, but when mutations can impact the gene of virus it becomes a new variant." Pointing out that three measures were being undertaken to monitor if there is a variation, he added, "We have started monitoring International passengers, taking community samples, those who got re-infected or infection on those vaccinated to see if there is a new variant present."

He also took the opportunity to highlight that the new variants are cultured in Faridabad, and its there that the future activity and response on the vaccine is studied.  "Preliminary data shows Covidshield, Covaxin and Sputnik V are effective on variants, Detailed data is in making," he said. 

COVID situation in India 

Meanwhile, India is presently dealing with the second wave of COVID-19. Since April 15, India has been witnessing a steep rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. On April 4, the country recorded over 1 lakh cases, which doubled in a span of ten days and has been seeing a rise ever since, with now, over 3-lakh cases being reported every day.

Keeping up with the daily record, the country on Wednesday reported 3,82,315 new coronavirus infections, pushing the active cases in the country to 34,87,229 comprising 16.87 per cent of the total infections. The recovery rate so far stands at  82.03 percent, with a count of 1, 69,51,731 recuperated from the disease. The fatality rate, on the other hand, stands at  1.09 per cent, with 2,26,188 fatalities, 3,780 reported in the last 24 hours. From the outbreak of the pandemic, the country has reported 2,06,65,148 cases. 


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