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This Lady Police Officer's Comprehensive And Unsparing Response To "crying" Pappu Yadav's Sexism Has Left Him 'answer-less'

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Pappu Yadav has been thoroughly rebutted on sexism-laced personal security-related allegations he had made against a lady police officer
  • Yadav had complained that he hadn't been provided adequate security during the September 6 'Bharat Bandh' call, and laced his claims with personal and sexist remarks against an officer
  • The officer in question, Muzaffarpur SSP Harpreet Kaur, has issued a comprehensive response to him, which Tejashwi Yadav has opined, has 'left Pappy Yadav speechless'

Jan Adhikar Party leader and Lok Sabha MP Rajesh Ranjan, better known as Pappu Yadav, who had landed in a controversy for lacing a personal security-related complaint against a lady police officer with sexist remarks, has now been comprehensively rebutted on the matter by said officer. 


Yadav, who is the MP for Madhepura in Bihar, had used abusive language against Muzaffarpur SP Harpreet Kaur for allegedly not providing him with adequate security during the September 6 upper caste call for a Bharat Bandh. 

While complaining about the matter to the media, Pappu Yadav claimed that his convoy had been attacked and that he had been subjected to abuse, but the officer was "writing love letters to journalists". He said:

"She has lied. A lawmaker was abused. His convoy was attacked. But instead of that she wrote love letters at nine in the night to who all? She had no time till nine in the night. When she got to know the video was now out, and journalists were beaten, that's when she wrote to her favourite journalist saying there was no video and there was no case. I lay there for two hours. Would I save my life or spread rumours? Which is why, I directly say it."


In response, SSP Harpreet Kaur has written a post slamming Pappu Yadav and systematically pointing out holes in his claims. She has also threatened to serve a legal notice to him for defaming her. 

In the first part of her Facebook post, she accuses Pappu Yadav of constantly crying to the media, and says that he should have registered an FIR if an attack had actually taken place:

Honorable MP Pappu Yadav, who is constantly crying in the media, is alleging that during the clashes, there was an attack in Muzaffarpur district -- his car was broken, his mobile was destroyed, his supporters were assaulted. In this context, I want to make my point. When he made his statement in the media, some media people contacted us and wanted to know the police's side. Then I said that if such an incident has happened then the honorable MP should file an FIR in the police. The Muzaffarpur police had found a video of the conversation between the MP and the close supporters that we gave to the media, in which there was no such kind of attack situation. However, even today, no FIR has been registered by this Parliamentarian in this context. Nor is there any evidence related to the alleged assault and sabotage in connection with their allegations against the police or the media."

On Pappu Yadav calling her, and on his allegations, she says that there was no intimation that he was to have an event and would require an escort:

"The honorable MP has alleged that he called me and I did not take the call, whereas the fact is that the police line was being inspected by the senior officer at that time. And as soon as we got the message that he wanted to talk, immediately we spoke to the MP himself and the DSP sent the incident team to the spot. On September 6, Hon'ble MP Sahab had a program in Madhubani district and no program was proposed in Muzaffarpur. They alleged that the Muzaffarpur police did not give them an escort. It is absolutely wrong because the police did not have any written or verbal information about their arrival to Muzaffarpur that day. His proposed program is on 9 and 10 in Muzaffarpur. MPs are coming out in the media to make extremely objectionable and factless allegations that I am involved in the conspiracy to murder them. In this context, for his information, he has to say that police work is to protect the common man and not kill anyone. We are police officers who are doing their job with honesty and transparency. What is his hostility to us?"

She proceeds to take on Pappu Yadav for his sexist remarks, highlighting how he fashions himself as a champion of women's interests, and yet, is making such statements about a woman officer: 

"Still, MPs are constantly making such baseless accusations. The second most important thing is that during the course of his visit, he is continuously running the "Nari Bachao Andolan" and telling himself as the "protector" of women's interests and on the other hand, in relation to a woman officer, such comments are being made in the media. That "SSP Muzaffarpur is writing love letters to his favorite journalists". In the media, on the day that I tried to clarify the object situation on the basis of facts only. How fair is it to be used by a Member of Parliament to use this kind of unconstitutional language for a woman? And on one hand MP talks about respect for women and on the other hand, in connection with a woman police officer in the media, he is continuously using derogatory language."


RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav has also responded to the matter, and remarked that the comprehensive response by the officer had left Pappu Yadav speechless. 

"She is a woman officer. And she has done her duty. And she held a news conference with such evidence that Pappu Yadav has no answer."