This Video Shared By Anand Mahindra Is A Proof That Monday Morning Hustle Is Same Everywhere

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Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to share yet another 'Monday motivation' video which will change the way you look at the morning hustle of life

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Updated On:

After a relaxed weekend, it becomes quite difficult to get away with the ‘blues’ on Monday morning. The pressure of yet another week of targets and performances begins to distress us and we become a part and parcel of the morning hustle. Pertaining to this ‘hustle’, Chairman of Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra took us by surprise after he shared yet another interesting video on Monday.

In the video, there can be seen multiple incidents in which a large number of people are being shoved inside metros. In order to help the gates of the metro to be closed, the guards and management are pushing men and women alike inside the metro. The metro in all the incidents look jam-packed as people appear to be formally dressed up and going to their offices. In the background music is being played and sounds of heavy laughing are heard.

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The business tycoon, in his tweet, stated that he got the video on social-networking app WhatsApp from his friend who posts videos from China. Later, in his tweet, he wrote ‘seems like Monday mornings are no different there’. He also expressed surprise realizing that the women passenger were complaining about being shoved and pushed inside the metro.

Have a look:

Well, this is not the first when Anand Mahindra has posted something eye-catching. Earlier on November 11, the Chairman of Mahindra Group shared an image on Twitter which was an advertisement for English 'speekna' lessons. He captioned the Monday motivation post by saying, 'Indian conquest of the English language is complete': 

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