TikTok Sensation Phogat: No One Is Capable Enough To Fight Against Me

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In a Republic Bharat exclusive, TikTok sensation Phogat, spoke about the Haryana elections and said that 'there is no one capable to fight against me.'

Written By Yash Sanghvi | Mumbai | Updated On:

In a Republic Bharat exclusive, Sonali Phogat, the TikTok sensation and the BJP’s candidate for the Haryana elections, spoke to the channel and said, “There is no one capable enough to fight against me.” In a lighter vein, Phogat added, “This is the Bharatiya Janta Party and the Lotus flower will always bloom.”

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'It is not only because of glamour'

On being questioned that as opposed to traditional political candidates, Phogat has come up in a new way as she has been associated with glamour, Phogat stated, “It is not only because of glamour, it is also on the work I have been doing for the last few years. I have experience and the government of my party the work that it has done here, I also have that to talk about. Hence, I won’t need to have to talk about glamour.” Phogat added that she will work for the people in such a way that the people will associate her with all the work she will do.

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'BJP is prepared to fight'

Phogat, further commenting on the comparison that has been drawn between the Adampur seat and Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi seat said, in Amethi people for years and years could not take away that seat from the Gandhi family and it was Smriti Irani who finally did and now. “Kuldeep Bishnoi states that he is the face of Adampur and this is our ‘gadh’ (Citadel) but the organisation of BJP is prepared to fight,” she said.

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'In the end, the truth always prevails'

Responding to her opponents who claim that she is trying to win these elections by making controversial remarks, Phogat stated, “When I give a speech, wherever I talk, there are many cameras on me and the words that I say are cut and then a few lines are added and then a new video is made because there is no other way to defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party apart from these cheap tricks.” Phogat added, “Some of the opponents think just because they have thousands of crores, they can do anything but the public can see through all the lies and in the end the truth always prevails.” 

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