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'Totally Baseless' | Tipu Sultan's Kin Refutes Hindu Group's Claim Of Summer Palace Built On Temple Land

Tipu Sultan's kin Sahibzada Mansoor Ali reacted to Hindu Janajagruti Samiti's demand of survey at Summer palace. He refuted their claim & called it 'baseless'.


After the Right-wing group, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti demanded a survey at the Summer Palace in Bengaluru, alleging that it was built on land encroached from a temple, Tipu Sultan's kin has responded and called the claim 'baseless'.

One of the family members of Tipu Sultan, Sahibzada Mansoor Ali said that throughout India, worship places like temple, mosques and gurudwaras are located in a fort. It was a place where Tipu Sultan used to host his International delegation which was later used by the Britishers as well, he added. He said that these claims are just being made to hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community and Tipu Sultan's followers.

Tipu Sultan's Kin responds to Summer Palace Dispute

"It is called Samaraj Pete Kote. Kote could not be spread over just 30,000 sqm. It was totally about 14 acres of the fort. Every fort if you visit throughout India, worship places like temple mosques and gurudwara will be there. At the time of the Tipu Sultan sultanate, Venkat Ramaswamy temple was reconstructed and Annapurneshwari was made by Tipu Sultan's donation," Sahibzada Mansoor Ali said.

He further added, "I don't understand why people are all of the sudden doing this? It was a summer palace and guest house of Tipu Sultan as whenever there were high-level international delegation meetings, it used to happened there. He used to use that place as the Home of the secretariat. After Tipu Sultan, the British also used it as a secretariat home for general. I don't know what kind of base or evidence they have. It is totally baseless to distract the Muslim and Tipu Sultan followers' sentiments".

Hindu Group says Tipu Sultan's Bengaluru Palace built on temple land

Amid the temple-mosque row, the Right-wing group Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has demanded a survey at the palace of Tipu Sultan in Karnataka's Bengaluru, alleging that it was built on land encroached from a temple. This demand comes amid hearings on the issue of the Gyanvapi mosque survey. 

Spokesperson of the Hindu outfit, Mohan Gowda said in a video message, “Several people in the past have said that behind the Tipu Sultan summer palace, it was all Kote Venkataramana Temple and this was illegally encroached by him (Sultan). There used to be a Sanskrit school here as well. This Hindu temple was illegally encroached and a survey must be carried out". 

According to the Karnataka tourism department, Hyder Ali started the construction of the summer palace but was completed during Tipu Sultan’s reign in 1791. While the Hindu outfit claim that Chikkadevaraja Wadeyar built the Venkatramana Swamy Temple in the 15th century. 


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