To Arnab, Pro-TMC Guest Says "India Not A Nation". Watch What Followed

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On Friday, during The Debate, when the Bengal political violence was being discussed, a pro-TMC Political Analyst shocked everyone, here's what happened.

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On Friday, during The Debate, when the issue of political violence was being discussed, a pro-TMC Political Analyst Tanwi Das, shocked Republic TV's Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami and the panelists. Das was making her argument placing the regional identity before national identity. When Arnab countered her saying that the people of India do not have nationality based on their states, Das quipped, 'India is not a state.' Below is how the debate unfolded. Below is how the discussion unfolded.

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Panelist claims, 'India is not a nation'

Arnab countered Das' argument which was favouring the TMC and toeing the line of Mamata Banerjee of placing the regional identity before nation's." 'Indian' is the nationality, your nationality is not Bengali, my nationality is not Assamese, we are Indian, no? Indian is our nationality, no? To this Das replied saying, "Actually, India is not a nation"

The anchor reacting to the shocking statement said, "I am stopping the program, God, ladies and gentelman, I am stopping the program.However, Das continued her line saying, "India is not a nation, India is a union of states. India is not a nation." Republic's Editor-In-Chief replied informing her, "This Mamata Banerjee view of the world is troubling. This is the way she talks. Why are you talking like this?... IPC applies in Bengal, Maharashtra, there is no Constitution of Maharashtra or Constitution of Gujarat. There is a Constitution of India."

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Violence in Bengal: Police denies Murshidabad victim was from RSS

West Bengal Police on Friday said that the man who was killed along with family in Murshidabad is not an RSS worker and denied any political angle in the incident calling it a case of "personal enmity." "During the investigation and while examination of several local witnesses, family members, friends, no one claimed his association with RSS. Even during the search of the house of the victim no such document could be found available, identifying the deceased with any political party. His family members vehemently opposed and criticised media for such false propaganda," the police said in a press release. "Mother of deceased Maya Pal staying in Sahapur PS Sagardighi with her elder daughter Bandhu Priya Pal has denied any involvement with RSS," they said.

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Police detain two in Murshidabad murder case

Several leaders from BJP and RSS have earlier claimed that the man, who was allegedly murdered in Murshidabad was an RSS worker. The police have also detained two people for investigation in the incident and also asked CID to involve in the investigation.

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