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Triple Talaq Bill Passed: Victim Benazir Arfan Calls It Great News For Every Muslim Woman

Written By Diyali Banerjee | Mumbai | Published:


  • In a historic move, the Triple Talaq Bill was passed in the Parliament by 99-84 votes on Tuesday, July 30.
  • Triple Talaq Victim¬†Benazir Arfan from¬†Guwahati expressed her joy over the same.
  • Speaking to Republic TV, she said that she is very happy with the passing of the bill

In a historic move, the Triple Talaq Bill was passed in the Parliament by 99-84 votes on Tuesday, July 30, with the government overcoming the resistance of Opposition parties, and standing firm on the belief that the Bill would ensure gender equality and social justice to women of the Muslim community. Minutes before the passage of the Bill, the Rajya Sabha rejected the demand of the Opposition to send the Triple Talaq Bill to a select panel by a vote difference of 100-84. 

Triple Talaq Victim Benazir Arfan from Guwahati spoke to Republic to express her joy over the same, saying that she is very happy with the passing of the bill. 

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"I am very glad that the Triple Talaq bill passed. It is great news for each and every Muslim woman. They will be relieved of the torture and injustice they have been suffering, " she said. 

Further extending her message as to what the effect of the bill would be, she stated, "I am glad that it has been declared as a criminal offense, now before giving Triple Talaq to their wives, men will at least think. This will give justice to many women."

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Benazir Arfan who was married in 2009 was divorced through Triple Talaq without her concent in 2012 revealed that her husband had declined financial support to their 8-year-old daughter. 

"I am a victim and like me, there are many more victims in Assam. This is a huge step towards their empowerment, I am sure all of them will be very happy, " she said during the conversation.

Rajya Sabha passes Triple Talaq Bill

In a historic move, the Muslim Woman (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019 or the contentious Triple Talaq Bill has been passed in the Rajya Sabha by 99-84 votes. Despite the demand of Opposition parties, the Rajya Sabha rejected the motion to send Triple Talaq Bill to a select panel by 100-84 votes. 

The Law Minister moved the triple talaq bill in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday for passage after the Lok Sabha passed the Bill last week for the second time. Prior to that, the Bill had been passed in the Lok Sabha on December 2017, during the first tenure of the Modi government.

The Bill which makes the practice of instant triple talaq a penal offense was opposed by opposition parties which claimed that jail term for the husband for divorcing his wife was legally untenable. The government had promulgated the ordinance on triple talaq twice.