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Tripura CM Biplab Deb Elucidates ‘Ducks Recycle Oxygen’ Theory. For Once, He Might Be Right

Written By Shatabdi Chowdhury | Mumbai | Published:


  • Social media was in splits on Tuesday after Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb made headlines following his recent statement, this time involving ducks
  • Deb said that ducks increase oxygen level in the water
  • However, several research papers and scientists backed Deb's assertion

Social media was in splits on Tuesday after Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb made headlines following his recent statement, this time involving ducks. While addressing media on the sidelines of an inaugural event of a traditional boat race at Rudrasagar - an artificial lake, Deb said that he is planning to distribute 50,000 ducklings to locals who live near the lake. Deb said that it will help in enhancing the natural beauty of the lake and also - wait for it, will increase the oxygen level in the water.

“I have announced that I will distribute 50,000 ducklings to the locals who live near the lake. When 50,000 ducks will swim in the reservoir, just imagine how pretty it will look. In fact, when they swim in water, they recycle oxygen, which is beneficial for the fishes as well. And, if they can improve the pisciculture, it will generate employment worth Rs 8-10 crore to the locals. When work gets mingled with culture, people work more enthusiastically,” said Biplab Deb.

The Tripura CM also said that the water reservoir will get benefited from the duck droppings as they improve the level of oxygen in the water.

As soon as he issued the said statements, the social media went buzzing, creating jokes and memes around the new ‘gem’ of Biplab Deb.

However, on digging down a bit for any scientific proof, whatsoever, of Deb’s recent statement, we stumbled upon a research paper, titled ‘Role of duck droppings on pond productivity through fish-duck integrated farming system’ - published in 2010 by S Sasmal, M S Chari and H K Vardia of Department of Fisheries, Indira Gandhi Agricultural University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh., which actually proved that the Tripura CM was not being illogical, after all.


The abstract of the paper claimed that duck droppings considerably improved the “dissolved oxygen, pH and plankton volume” in the pond, wherein the experiment was conducted.

It also said that the improved physicochemical parameters also improved the overall fish production, concluding that “integration of fish with duck is more profitable than farming fish alone.”


The result of the experiment concluded that the duck excreta - a good source of nutrients, improves plankton production, which in turn improves the nutrient level in the fish pond ecosystem. The result of the experiment also concluded that “fish cum duck farming is more profitable than fish farming alone”.


Furthermore, now a scientist, A Debbarma, from Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education has come out in support of Biplab Deb’s assertions on ducks, saying the ducks indeed increase the oxygen level in the water.

“Duck-fish farming is integrated farming. Ducks’ excreta helps growth of fish. Ducks are natural aerators and help in increasing oxygen level & DEO can also be increased. This has been proved through studies,” said Debbarma.

So, it seems, this time Biplab Deb was not being illogical after all. What do you think of his statement? Let us know in the comment section below.