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Twitter Gives No Clarification, Issues Vague Statement After Republic's Complaint Of Pak-stooges On Platform Spreading Hate & Violence

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Published:


  • Pakistan backed Twitter accounts spread false news through conveniently edited videos from Republic in order to incite fear and violence
  • Republic officially took up the matter with the micro-blogging platform
  • But Twitter has done nothing but give out a vague statement on the matter

After Pakistan backed Twitter accounts spread false news through conveniently edited videos from Republic in order to incite fear and violence, the channel officially took up the matter with the micro-blogging platform.

Verified Twitter accounts, i.e., one with the blue ticks which denote that handles have more value, from Pakistan, had spread a sliced and diced video from Republic to fearmonger and provoke people to take up violence after Kashmir was integrated with India. But the social media platform has failed to assure any action from its side against the hatemongers.

The blue ticked handles from Pakistan remain active and continue their anti-India message through malicious intent and devious attempts of propaganda. The Twitter accounts remaining active allows the fake news machinery inclined towards warmongering over Kashmir issue and India's move to revoke Article 370 to continue to spread the message of hate. Twitter has done nothing but give out a statement.

In its statement to Republic Media Network, Twitter has said that the safety of its users was its priority. It said that abuse and hateful conduct have no place in the social media platform. It said that it focused on addressing the risk of offline harm and doesn't allow accounts which incite harm. It added that it encourages account holders to report such types of handles. It said that it has initiated necessary action against those against whom Republic raised a complaint.

Below is Twitter's email's transcript

"With reference to your mail and query, we have initiated necessary action for violations of the Twitter Rules. Given below is our on-record statement for your reference. 

We are taking action on accounts that are in violation of the Twitter Rules only. Serving and protecting the health of the public conversation, including ensuring the safety of people who use our service, is our number one priority as a company. While we welcome people to express themselves freely on Twitter; abuse and hateful conduct have no place on Twitter and are against the Twitter Rules. We are increasingly focused on addressing the risks of offline harm. As such, we do not allow accounts to whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, or religious affiliation. We encourage account holders to report to us and use mute and block, as required." 

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The Pakistan Cyber Army's Fake News on Kashmir

The handle that originally spread the fake spliced-and-diced video of Republic deleted it in an admission of its inauthenticity, but not before a number of usual suspects from Pakistan, some with a large reach, spread it widely on Twitter. Furthermore, these handles have since continued with their warmongering, spreading false reports of violence and firing hate-filled tweets heinously communalising matters. Here are two such handles - one belonging to a communal aide of Pakistan PM Imran Khan and the other, to an assault rifle-happy former Pak Army veteran-turned 'security analyst'. Both Pakistani handles not only have a verified ‘blue tick’ but have been at the core of promoting hate and incitement against India vis-a-vis Kashmir. 

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