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Uday Foundation Launches ‘fight Hunger’ Campaign On World Health Day, Feeds 1000 People Living Outside AIIMS Hospital Everyday

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Uday Foundation has been fighting hunger by feeding 1000 everyday living outside AIIMS hospital.
  • On World Health Day, they have partnered with PayTM to ask donations from people using the App and have launched the campaign #udayfightshunger on Twitter.

In an initiative to fight hunger, Uday Foundation has taken a step in the right direction- they feed at least 1000 people per day who live outside the government hospital-  like All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in New Delhi. In a bid to promote and garner more funds for this noble cause, on World Health Day falling on Sunday, they have partnered with PayTM to ask donations from people using the App and launched the campaign #udayfightshunger on Twitter.

Yashwant Deshmukh- Founder of Team CVoter too has promoted this move sharing a video capturing the essence of the dire hungry situation outside AIIMS.

"40 lakhs OPD patients visit AIIMS every year. Out of which only 2500-3000 patients can be accommodated inside the hospital. Apart from that other accompanying them also stay on the streets outside AIIMS", he explains.

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Speaking with the Uday Foundation's founder Rahul Verma, the video captures the gravity of the situation and the initiative taken by Uday Foundation:

"While accommodating every visiting patient inside the hospital is a far cry, food also is not sufficiently available. While the number of people requiring food every day is  5000, counting a day's meal, it is necessary to prepare and provide food enough for 15000 people starting from 6 AM to 10 PM. Rahul along with Uday Foundation, try to cater to at least 1000 people, every day. It costs Rs.11 to feed a person for a day. The biggest need felt by a human is hunger. While the doctors, the government are not to blame, such is the reality of the people dying of hunger outside AIIMS. Please contribute on your behalf to help Uday Foundation fight hunger."

Here is the tweet:

Uday Foundation, a Delhi-based NGO has been providing food to people staying outside 11 government hospitals in New Delhi since 2016.  On average, the organisation is able to feed 30-40,000 poor people in a month, who are either patients or their attendants. They aim to feed at least one million people.