UK Neta Born-in-Pakistan Peddles Fake News, Uses 8-year-old Video

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Pakistan born, British politician peddled fake news, similar to Pakistan with an 8-year-old video by an Indian news channel that does not even exist anymore.

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Pakistan has been propelling systematic fake news propaganda against the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and the subsequent communication blackout, this time again, a Pakistani origin British politician shared a fake video from 8 years ago. 

Lord Nazir Ahmed in a poorly informed move, shared an 8-year-old video that 'Canada refused a visa for Indian Army Generals and Brigadiers who served as intelligence officers' for their part in Kashmir. 

The British politician shared the news from the channel 'Headlines Today' which does not exist anymore. 

Pakistan Fake News

On Monday, Pakistan Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi in a tweet showed the world in what he claimed to be a video from the Kashmir valley wherein a skirmish broke out between the Armed Forces and local residents. 

Calling PM Modi the 'Hitler of the East,' Pak PM Imran Khan's Minister even urged US President Donald Trump to "impose trade sanctions on India."

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However, it was soon established that the fake video conveniently touted to be the on-ground situation of Kashmir, was in fact, an old video from Haryana. Pakistan, who have been repeatedly crying foul to the global community and the United Nations over Kashmir, despite silence in response, has taken up 'fake news' as a weapon to inflict a biased narrative against India. 

Senior Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, on Saturday took to Twitter to claim baseless rumours about Indian forces' misusing power to harass Kashmiri boys. The video which Hamid Mir claims as 'latest (August 16)' has been found to be a year old fake video. The fake tweet was then deleted by the Pakistani journalist. 

On August 5, Pakistan ISI-backed stooges had also unleashed a virulent fake-news campaign against Republic TV, doctoring a video in their efforts to make it seem as the situation in Kashmir was anything but normal.

Pakistan President 

Pakistan President Arif Alvi openly called on its citizens to post videos on Kashmir, calling it their 'biggest weapon' while addressing a flag hoisting ceremony at Islamabad on Pakistan's Independence Day

The Pakistani President brazenly called on a propaganda war, in a deliberate attempt to meddle in India's domestic affair, by instigating people to spread fake information. 

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