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UNBELIEVABLE: Man Tries To Run Over Snake - Snake Has Other Plans - Anand Mahindra Is Stunned

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

A quite sensational story has emerged from Tamil Nadu about a snake completely bewildering everybody by escaping what is alleged to be an attempt to run it over.

In a video that has been hailed by Mahindra & Mahindra Chairman Anand Mahindra as incredible, a car, apparently a big BMW SUV, is being taken apart from its front, and after a little while, a snake -- a cobra -- emerges.

The backstory is that a young man who was driving the car spotted a snake on the road and tried to run it over. However, the cobra had no plans to be roadkill. It clung to the car's AC duct, made its way to the ventilator and was hissing, as per a netizen.

In response, Anand Mahindra who probably knows a thing or two about making cars, has exclaimed how no BMW service manual has instructions on how to deal with a snake getting stuck in the air ventilator. Advising the German carmaker, he suggests that the next model should be called 'Cobra'. 

Further, remarking on how skilfully the snake-catcher extracted the cobra from the vehicle, he has observed:

"We’re now one of the largest global economies but we’re still the land of the snake charmers!"

His reference is to the historic stereotyping of India as a land of fakirs who sleep on beds of nails, make ropes stand vertical unsupported, and of course, charm snakes.