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Unbelievable: Remorseless Akash Vijayvargiya Cites Mahatma Gandhi's Ideals While Brazening Out Bat-attack On Civic Officers

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • Kailash Vijayvargiya's son, Akash was released from jail
  • Vijayvargiya brazenly stated that he has 'no regret' for the incident
  • He was charged under the sections IPC 353 147, 148

Soon after BJP Bengal chief's Kailash Vijayavargiya's son Akash Vijayavargiya was released from the jail, he said that he will lead the path on the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and will  try his best that to ensure that justice is done to every family in his constituency. 

This comes after Akash who is an MLA from Madhya Pradesh's Indore was arrested because he assaulted a government official with a bat. The video that went viral showed him beating civic officials with his bat. 

Speaking to Republic TV, he said: "We are struggling against the governments' minister. They were trying hard that I should not get bail. But court gave us bail because of people's support."

I will try to do every work as per the ideals of Gandhiji. I will pray that God never gives me a chance again to do this. I don't regret whatever happened. I knew the repercussions of my action. I did what I felt right," Akash said. 

When asked on his behaviour and he retorting to violence, he said: 

"The salary of the officials do not come from Commissioner's or minister's home, they get salary because people pay taxes, they are torturing people. And therefore I cannot tolerate that. If I had not done what I did, so that woman would have tortured. I will try my best that justice is done to her."

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He reiterated his prior allegation that the civic official was dragging the woman from her house and behaving indecently with her. 

Following the goondaism that was witnessed on the streets of Indore, Republic confronted Akash Vijayvargiya. In retaliation to which, the BJP MLA blatantly stated that 'he will not back off' and that he is a 'voted MLA and will do anything' 

He had said, "Indore Municipal Corporation is behaving like gundas, they are in tie-up with Congress leaders. I am a leader chosen by the people. I will not back off from the attack. I have been voted by the people to serve them. I will do whatever it takes even if it means lifting a bat and stopping officials. I stand by my actions.".