UNGA: First Secretary MEA, Vidisha Maitra Counters Pak's Kashmir Claim

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After Pakistan’s anti-India narrative at the UNGA, India used the provision of the Right to Reply to respond to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's speech.

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:

After Pakistan’s anti-India narrative at the UNGA, India used the provision of the Right to Reply to respond to Pakistani PM’s speech. The first secretary of MEA, Vidisha Maitra, spoke about Pakistan’s stand on Jammu and Kashmir and said that India does not need the opinion of the people who have 'built an industry of terrorism' in their own country. She also explained how India is trying to mainstream Jammu and Kashmir for developing the region rather than criticising other countries' internal decisions. Highlighting that Pakistan has its own internal problems, like the persecution of minorities, they should avoid meddling with other countries' affairs.  

Vidisha Maitra on Jammu and Kashmir mainstreaming 

The first secretary replied to Pakistan’s narrative on Kashmir by saying that, “Pakistan’s virulent reaction to the removal of an outdated and temporary provision that was hindering development and integration of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir stems from the fact that those who thrive on conflict never welcome the ray of peace. While Pakistan has ventured to upstream terrorism and downstream hate speech there, India is going ahead with mainstreaming development in Jammu and Kashmir. The mainstreaming of Jammu and Kashmir, as well as Ladakh in India’s thriving, and vibrant democracy with a millennia-old heritage of diversity, pluralism, and tolerance, is well and truly underway, irreversibly so. The citizens of India do not need anyone else to speak on their behalf, least of all those who have built an industry of terrorism from the ideology of hate.” 

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Exposing Pakistan on claiming to have no terrorist 

Vidisha Maitra, in her speech, also called out Pakistan on PM Imran Khan’s statement claiming that they have no terrorist. He said, “Now that PM Imran Khan has invited UN observers to Pakistan to verify that there are no militant organisations in Pakistan the world will hold him to that promise. Here are a few questions that Pakistan can respond to as a precursor to the proposed verification. Can Pakistan confirm the fact that it is home to 130 UN-designated terrorists and 25 terrorist entities listed by the UN, as of today? Will Pakistan acknowledge that it is the only Government in the world that provides pension to an individual listed by the UN in the Al Qaeda and Da’esh Sanctions list.” 

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She imposed a few questions on their non-engagement claims on terrorism. She asked, "Can Pakistan explain why here in New York, its premier bank, the Habib Bank had to shut shop after it was fined millions of dollars over terror financing? Will Pakistan deny that the Financial Action Task Force has put the country on notice for its violations of more than 20 of the 27 key parameters? And would Prime Minister Khan deny to the city of New York that he was an open defender of Osama bin Laden?"

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