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Unprecedented: 17 Robert Vadra-linked Firms Under The Scanner. Full Details Here

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • The crackdown on Robert Vadra is not over the activities of just one company
  • As per sources, 17 Vadra-linked companies are under the scanner

Days after Republic TV's sensational newsbreak about the Modi government's crackdown on a Robert Vadra-linked company over unpaid tax on undisclosed income, it has emerged that there are a number of other companies linked to Rahul Gandhi's brother-in-law that are also under the scanner over a number of alleged violations.

On Tuesday, Republic TV had accessed the 'Vadra papers', in which the Income Tax department had broken down Robert Vadra's Sky Light Hospitality's dealings in assessment year 2010-11 and concluding that the company's income was not Rs 37 lakh but almost Rs 43 crore, on which it ordered the company to pay tax worth Rs 25.8 crore.

Now, Republic TV has unearthed that there are 17 Robert Vadra-linked firms that are under the authorities' lens.

As per sources, a number of these companies were struck-off or converted into Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) after having routed dubious transactions and most of them had been engaged in the purchase and sale of land in Haryana and Rajasthan during the time that the Congress was in power in those states. 

Additionally, as per sources, Robert Vadra's mother is a director in 12 of these companies and Vadra, himself, is to be being probed for violation of the Companies Act 1956, for unexplained sources of funds in his companies, for acquiring loans from third-parties without any obligation to pay interest. A number of the companies also allegedly raised interest-free advances and the same money was used to make investments in FDRs worth several crores. Not filing annual reports for these companies was also a strategy that was employed to avoid tax and to hide financial fraud, sources said, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs under the UPA allegedly turning a blind-eye over non-compliance with statututory provisions.

Six of these companies claimed an expenditure of only Rs 4.54 lakh during four financial years but earned profits 1258 times that figure. Some of the companies earned a profit of Rs 17 crore across four financial years despite there being no expenditure and no salaries paid. Six companies have a paid-up capital of Rs 51 lakh but made investments of Rs 142 crore. 

Further allegations against Vadra include a method of dealing where Vadra allegedly acted as an agent for builders, purchasind land at throwaway prices in Haryana and Rajasthan and selling it to builders at a handsome profit. As per sources, a Robert Vadra aide, Amit Kumar Mehta, was also an employee of a real-estate major and served as Vadra's link with that company.

Here are the 17 companies under the scanner:

1. North India IT Parks LLP 
2. Real Earth Estates LLP
3. Blue Breeze Trading LLP
4. Real Earth Estates Pvt Ltd 
5. North India IT Parks Pvt Ltd 
6. Skylight Hospitality LLP 
7. Lambodar Art Enterprises India LLP 
8. Lifeline Agrotech Pvt Ltd 
9. Best Seasons Agro Pvt Ltd 
10. Greenwave Agro Pvt Ltd 
11. Future Infra Agro Pvt Ltd 
12. Primetime Agro Pvt Ltd 
13. Rightline Agriculture Pvt Ltd 
14. Blue Breeze Trading Pvt Ltd 
15. Skylight Hospitality Pvt Ltd 
16. Skylight Reality Pvt Ltd 
17. Lambodar Art Enterprises India Pvt Ltd