Urban Naxals Case | 'Wrong To Attack The Institution When Verdict Doesn’t Come In Your Favour': Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis on Indira Jaising's Open Attack On CJI Post Supreme Court's Refusal to Interfere With The Arrest Of The 5 Accused

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The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, has launched a scathing attack on ex-senior advocate Indira Jaising after she openly targeted Chief Justice Dipak Mishra for the Supreme Court's verdict on Urban Naxal Case.

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The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, has launched a scathing attack on ex-senior advocate Indira Jaisingh after she openly targeted Chief Justice Dipak Mishra for the Supreme Court's verdict on Urban Naxal Case. The Supreme Court on Friday refused to interfere in the arrest of the 5 accused persons in connection with the Bhima Koregaon case. While talking to Republic TV, the Chief Minister said:

"I think Supreme Court has vindicated our stand. I think it is absolutely wrong to attack any institution when a verdict doesn’t come in your favour. See, the Supreme Court has appreciated all the material evidence which we have given and there are scores and scores of evidences which we have already submitted or which we possess. We have corroborated evidences, we have forensic evidences, everything which is needed to take action to convict people, we have all those evidences. Supreme Court has absolutely rightly appreciated our evidences. This is not arrest for dissent. There is no particular facts to show malafide on the part of the police. This comes from the verdict of the supreme court and I think, the Supreme Court is right in saying that. See, when people are trying to create unrest in, it's like, you know, you cannot fight on the borders. When our enemy country cannot fight on our borders.  They cannot defeat us on our borders. The second conspiracy is always to create unrest in the country. That is what there people are doing. They are also targeting honourable Prime Minister. They want to actually assassinate the honorable prime Minister. They want to actually, create, ride on the emotions different castes, ride on the emotions of different communities. They want to communities to come in front of each other and fight. All these things are absolutely evident".

Further, condemning the attack on Chief Justice Dipak Misra, he added: 

"And, you see, a few months back Professor Sai Baba was convicted on the basis of such evidences. And now, in the case of these 5 people, the evidences are much more damning than what we could produce in the Sai Baba’s case. When such evidence is there, how can you say that the entire state machinery is wrong and evidences are wrong, entire evidence is fabricated. And, what somebody says is true. How can it be? Every single person who commits crimes would say that everything is , you know, cooked. I think this is absolutely wrong. The Supreme Court has taken a very clear view and if somebody, you know, it is a very bad thing to attack the institution. It shows your belief in the institution".

He then gave out his piece of mind to those calling the government and police names:

"You see, unnecessarily this was being politicised. Even in the earlier governments, few people amongst this have been chargesheeted, arrested. So they have been doing it for a long time. What we could do is, we could find the material evidence against them. So this is not like the first time this thing is happening, they have been doing it for a long time. But they could get scott free because of lack of evidence. Right now we have materials about their conspiracy against the nation. This is not a mere crime. It is a conspiracy against the nation. How can we pardon people? How can we let go people who are conspiring against the entire country? So I think, there is absolutely a case of conspiracy against the nation and we have all the materials of that and the Supreme Court has appreciated that".  

This comes after former additional solicitor general Indira Jaising has mounted a scathing attack on Chief Justice Dipak Misra and said that CJI “dents his own legacy”. 

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Earlier on Friday, in a 2:1 majority judgment, the court rejected the plea for SIT probe in the case and said that "accused can't choose which agency will probe them." Supreme Court while pronouncing the judgment said it is not a case of arrest due to dissent".

"Accused persons do not have a say in the investigating agency that probes them. Not a case of arrest due to dissent," said the apex court , adding, "evidence doesn't show that the arrest was made to quell dissent."

The Supreme Court also ruled that the accused will continue to be "under house arrest for 4 weeks and that Maharashtra police to continue with the prove in the case".

Urban Naxals Case | 'Wrong to attack institution when verdict doesn’t come in your favour', Devendra Fadnavis rebuts Indira Jaisingh's open attack on CJI

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