Uttar Pradesh MP Condemns Mid-day Meal Apathy, Assistant Teacher Suspended

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Lok Sabha MP Pauakudi Lal, while speaking to Republic TV admitted to lethargy in governance and asserted that he will take action against the new incident.

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:

Lok Sabha MP from Robertsganj, UP, Pauakudi Lal, while speaking to Republic TV admitted to lethargy in governance and asserted that he will take action against the new incident of mid-day meal apathy in the state. As the series of mid-day meal apathy keep surfacing in UP, a recent incident that occurred at Sonabhadra has been exposed where one litre of milk was mixed with one bucket of water and distributed amongst 85 students of the Uttar Pradesh's Salai Banwa Primary School. Soon after Republic TV spoke to Pakaudi Lal, an assistant teacher was suspended from the school. 

Pakaudi Lal on mid-day meal apathy 

Lok Sabha MP Pakaudi Lal while speaking to Republic TV said, “Government is working with a clear conscience, but there are some workers who are getting into such businesses. We will take action against them. We will also forward it to CM. I don’t deny these things, there are such things going around, there are a few people out there who are working against the will of the government. We will keep a check on this”.  

“The area where this occurred is a locality where people from the Adivasi community and low-income group reside. People think that because this section of society is weaker, they won’t go out and complain thus they can be exploited. But I would like to thank you for being the voice of these people, to bring this to my notice. I am in Delhi, but I will go back to my constituency and take hold of this situation,” he added. 

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Watery milk fed to school children 

In a shocking incident, Uttar Pradesh's Salai Banwa Primary School in Sonabhadra district has come under investigation on Friday, after it was found out that a bucket of water was allegedly mixed into 1 litre of milk to serve 85 students in mid-day meal. Visuals from the school show a school cook boiling a large amount of water before adding a litre of milk to it. The cook claims that she had been told by a sir to adulterate the milk. 

She said, "I added one bucket with one packet of milk because a sir told so." When asked who is the sir, she said, "Jitender. He teaches here. The sir said there is one packet, no need to buy milk." On being asked how many children were there, she said, "There were 85 children." 

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