VIRAL | Telangana Farmers Dancing Next To Bullocks Declared As “winners” Of ‘Kiki Challenge’ By Netizens. Here’s Why

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Two farmers from Telangana have nailed the challenge

Written By Shatabdi Chowdhury | Mumbai | Updated On:

Even as people across the globe are following the bizarre ‘jump out of your car to dance’ trend or what popularly is know as ‘Kiki challenge’, two farmers from Telangana have nailed the challenge. While the American TV show host, Trevor Noah, declared the farmers the ‘winner’ of the challenge, Bollywood actor Vivek Actor called the farmers’ dance the ‘safest way’ of doing the challenge in ‘desi style’.

In the video, originally posted on the YouTube channel ‘My Village Show’, the farmers - Anil Geela and Pilli Tirupati can be seen grooving to the tunes of Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’, but with a desi twist. The farmers were seen dancing next to a pair of bullocks who were dragging the plough.

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Along with Vivek Oberoi, several netizens are dubbing it as the safest way to complete the much hyped Kiki challenge, as they weren’t dancing next to a move vehicle, instead they used a pair of moving bullocks.

The video has gone viral now with netizens lauding the duo for adopting a safe way to approach the challenge. The video comes amid the warning of local police in various cities against the challenge as it involves a bizarre trend of jumping out of a car in motion and breaking into dance moves.

Recently, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara said that police will take against those people, who will continue to follow the “dangerous” social media fad.

"It's very dangerous. We would not like to see young people dying on streets. That's why we want to discourage this. It is not in conformity with the law. So, we have advised them not to do this, but if they continue, police will take action," said Parameshwara.

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His statement came after Bengaluru police had issued an advisory against the challenge.

Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi police had also issued similar advisories in the past.


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