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VIRAL VIDEO: A Narration From A True Hero That Asaduddin Owaisi Must Watch

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

On Tuesday, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi gave a shameful communal spin to the martyrdom in the dastardly Pak-sponsored Sunjuwan terror attack. 

While delivering a news conference on the attack, he said the following:

"On TV channels, Muslims' nationalism is questioned; allegations are made against Kashmiris. Now 5 out of 7 who died are Kashmiri Muslims, of which one was a pregnant woman who was hit with a bullet. Now if five of seven who died were Kashmiri Muslims, then why is it not being spoken of... That those who have died are Kashmiri Muslims. Why is there silence in the country?"

Perhaps the aptest rebuttal to this manner of communal politicisation, an affirmation a soldier has no religion, came a week or so earlier from none other than one of India's most decorated serving officers, Col Saurabh Singh Shekhawat who narrated a very relevant story from the time he was commissioned:

"When I was commissioned and when I joined special forces (SF), I was asked what is your religion and what is your caste. I said I am a Hindu Rajput. He said ‘Bloody chap, go and take a dip in dirty water.’ I went and took a dip and I realised I had said something wrong. He asked me again and then I said that my religion is SF and my caste is SF, and he said, ‘Now you know.’"

"He told me that when I am an officer, your religion is that religion of your boys. If your boy is a Hindu, you are a Hindu. If your boy is a Sikh, you are a Sikh. If your boy is a Christian, you are a Christian and if your boy is a Muslim, you are a Muslim. As an officer, you are everything."

Watch what both Asaduddin Owaisi and Col Shekhawat said in the video above.