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Virgo Horoscope: A productive day at work is likely, but health might give some trouble. There might be an intimate and happy family gathering on the cards

Written By Shreshtha Chaudhury | Mumbai | Updated On:

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) is one of the most disciplined and hard-working zodiac signs. Their compassionate and intuitive nature is one of their prime personality traits. Always the achiever, the quality for which Virgos are so loved, is their humility. They are also fiercely loyal when it comes to friendships or relationships. Virgos are extremely reliable and you can trust them for any advice. Even if they can be too critical, they are one of the most endearing zodiac signs out there. The lucky numbers for Virgo are 5,14, and 23. Their lucky colours are Green, White and Grey. They have great compatibility with Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer.

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Virgo - What to expect today

You may be a little indecisive today regarding an important decision. But it might be a productive day for you overall. Health may give you some trouble but you may still feel charged enough to seize the day. However, there might be some minor arguments with your partner.


All might not be well when it comes to love. There may be some misunderstandings with your partner or spouse which may dampen your spirits. There might be a need for some intimate or heartfelt conversation with your partner to solve the issues. Not all days are rosy, and today might be one of them.


You might get competitive today. This may positively affect you and motivate you to push your limits. There might be some slight disagreements with your colleagues. But overall, the day may be fruitful for you at work.

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You may feel a little lethargic today. It might be beneficial to not miss out on your medication or exercise routine. You may ignore your health unknowingly which might prove to be a hindrance later. It might be advisable to take care of your diet, even the day turns out to be hectic.


Your family may be your prime pillar of strength today. It might be advisable to take into account, the advice of a family member. There may be an unexpected dinner outing with the family. Parents are more likely to spend quality time with their children.

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