Vivek Oberoi Grieves Over Hyderabad Rape Case, Urges Citizens To 'be Angry And Stay Angry'

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Speaking with Republic TV, actor Vivek Oberoi expressed shock over the Hyderabad rape case & addressed the increasing rate of crimes against women in India.

Written By Urvashi Kandpal | Mumbai | Updated On:

Amidst the rampant outrage in the country following the horrifying Hyderabad rape and murder case, actor Vivek Oberoi, while speaking to Republic, expressed how disheartened he had been because of the recent events. While he condemned the violent and inhuman act perpetrated by rapists, Vivek Oberoi talked about his decade-long association with Project DEVI (Development and Empowerment of Vrindavan Girls’ Initiative) which had been started to provide a new lease of life to underprivileged girls. The actor grieved over the fact that despite his efforts, horrifying cases like the Hyderabad rape case, continue to take place.

He said, "I still remember being shaken to my very soul when I heard about the youngest child.. she was only 5 years old! That's when I thought 'Are these humans?' because humans are supposed to have humanity. Animals have more humanity than us." 

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Many Bollywood celebrities had spoken out about the condition of our society as a whole when the unfortunate case took place a week ago. While actor Akshay Kumar had questioned the moral fabric of our society, veteran actor Shabana Azmi had been stunned and horrified by the shameful act and had expressed grief over some elements of the society. Vivek Oberoi also called out to the urgency of the current national situation and shared his anger over what he called a 'social disease'. 

"So I feel very very outraged and I understand that it's important to keep pressuring the government to take the right action but somehow this is a societal issue. I feel that as a society, we need to address this more uniformly. People have to be angry and stay angry. You can't just say, 'Oh! I'm done now. I've been upset for two weeks and I've done my bit on social media.' This has to be driven until justice is given because justice delayed is justice denied."

"If every Indian thought of the girl who's been through this as a girl from their family, as their sister, as their wife, as their mother, then they would feel that connect I feel."

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The Hyderabad horror story

The charred remains of a 25-year-old assistant veterinarian working in a state-run hospital were found under a culvert near the Hyderabad-Bengaluru highway. Four men had abducted her, under the pretext of helping her repair a flat tyre of her scooter and brutally raped her. They had then burnt her remains after committing the act. Four accused have been arrested in the case and sent to 14-day judicial custody. 

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