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VP Venkaiah Naidu Presents President's Colour To Tamil Nadu Police; 'India's Best Police'

"Tamil Nadu Police is the best police in the country. I don't have hesitation to say this," VP Naidu said in an event to mark 160 years of the Tamil Nadu Police

Venkaiah Naidu


Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on July 31 addressed an event in Chennai to mark 160 years of the Tamil Nadu Police Department and lauded the state police by calling them the "best police" in the country.

Earlier in the day, VP Naidu had presented the President's Colour Award to the Tamil Nadu police. In his speech at the event, VP Naidu said, "Tamil Nadu Police is the best police in the country. I don't have hesitation to say this. This award is deserved for doing service by taking life risks without seeing day and night," Naidu said.

"Tamil Nadu is one of the most prosperous industrial States. Our ultimate aim is to make people happy. We are a great country where traditions are the entire universe is one family," he added.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin who was also present at the event said, "To mark the 160 years of the state Police Department, Tamil Nadu Government Medal will be awarded to the Director General of Police (DGP) and all police personnel."
"This is a historical day for Tamil Nadu Police. I welcome the Vice President of India. This is a historic proud moment for the Tamil Nadu Police department," CM Stalin added.

The official Twitter account of the TN Chief Minister's Office posted about the event and said, "At the President's flag presentation ceremony held at Rajaratnam Sports Stadium, Egmore, Chennai, Hon'ble Vice President of India Mr.M Venkaiah Naidu Hon'ble Chief Minister Mr. MK Stalin. They presented chess souvenirs."

The President's Colour Award

The President's Colour Award is the highest honour that may be given to any Indian military unit. All unit officers wear an emblem on the left-hand sleeve of their uniforms that is also known as "Nishaan."

The unit's distinguished service is recognised when the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces (India's President) presents the award or standards. Even though carrying the Colour into battle is no longer done, the ritual of receiving, holding, and parading the Color is still practiced by the Armed Forces today.

The President's Colour is still of utmost importance; if a unit loses its colour, it is a matter of shame; conversely, if a unit captures the colour of the enemy, it is a matter of great honour.

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