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WATCH | 1.5m X 1.5m Satellite, 300km Away, 10km Per Second: PM Modi Highlights Stunning Precision Of 'Mission Shakti' A-SAT Success

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Published:

Addressing lakhs of people across the country through his 'Main bhi Chowkidaar' campaign on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an insight into the "Mission Shakti".

Speaking at the Talkatora stadium in the National Capital, where alone 5000 people were present, PM Modi gave a brief about the missile and the satellite which was targeted.

"The satellite hit by 'Mission Shakti' measured 1.5m x 1.5m and it was moving at 10km/s. The A-SAT missile was also moving at roughly the same speed....." said the Prime Minister amid huge round of applause.

Just a few moments earlier, he had reiterated that the mission wasn't done for electoral gains, but only for the benefit of the nation.

"'Mission Shakti' is being viewed through the lens of election. It has nothing to do with that. It is a big win for our scientists. Before this, only three nations had accomplished this feat," he added.

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India on Wednesday became just the fourth nation to possess an anti-satellite missile in its ranks. It came about after a successful testing named 'Mission Shakti' was carried out, in which a missile shot down a Low-Orbit Satellite in the space within three minutes.

"India has entered its name as an elite space power. An anti-satellite weapon A-SAT, successfully targeted a live satellite on a low earth orbit. India has registered herself as a Space Power today; till now only US, Russia and China have achieved this; now India is the 4th country to achieve this feat. It was a very difficult mission. It is a very proud moment for India and its citizens today. I would like to congratulate the scientists of India who operated the mission successfully," PM Modi had said while expressing his happiness over India becoming a space superpower.