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Watch | AAP MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira Confronted By Republic TV After His 'small Incident' remark On Amritsar Tragedy

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

AAP MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira was confronted by Republic TV after he gave out a shocking statement by calling the death of 61 people in the Amritsar train massacre a 'small incident' which happens on regular basis in Punjab and India. The AAP MLA Khaira said that many people die every day in road mishaps and this incident had suddenly become the media’s “focus of attention”.

“As many as 5,000 people die in road accidents in Punjab per year. These small accidents like the one in Amritsar happen every day across the country.” 

This comes after the nation was left horrified when as many as 60 people were mowed down in the tragic Amritsar train catastrophe that took place on Friday at the Dussehra event.

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Meanwhile, the absconding Navjot Singh Sidhu aide Saurabh Mitthoo Madan who organised the Dussehra event issued a video from wherever it is that he is hiding. In the video, released by an anonymous source, Mitthoo is pleading to the public that ‘he is innocent’, claiming that he got ‘every permission to organize the event’ and he made ‘5-10 announcements from the stage to warn people to not to stand on the tracks’.

Earlier on Sunday, the driver of the train had written a statement, a copy of which had been exclusively accessed by Republic TV. In the statement, the driver revealed that as the train approached the location of the event he saw that a number of people had come on to the tracks, at which point he applied the emergency brake. However, the train was moving too fast to come to a stop and ran over them. As the train came to a stop, the driver says people pelted it with stones, and in an effort to keep the passengers inside safe, he started it up again and reached Amritsar station. 

However, the eye-witnesses who were present at the location, when the tragic accident took place, accused the driver of 'lying'.

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Prior to that, Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu, who is the MLA for Amritsar East, reacted in an arrogant and aggressive manner to questions posed at him.

When asked a question about how someone (inaudible) had said the incident was a massacre and that Sidhu should resign, Sidhu contemplates for a second, then looks down at the reporter, puts a hand on his shoulder, looks at him in the eye, and repeats:

"Anything else? Anything else? Anything else? No comments".